You Don’t Deserve Nice Things- PR Edition

Some people just don’t deserve nice things, solely for their actions or lack there of.  Let me give you a list of Life Hacks when it comes to PR.

You send a mail to someone and in 48 hours there’s still no reply. I know that you might be busy, but in all do respect, we all are. Unless you are on vacation, there is no reason as to why you should not respond and there is no mercy for you for not having an out of office reply . For that my friend, you clearly do not deserve nice things.

Invite to an event gets sent out- no RSVP. A follow up gets sent and still no RSVP. Or wait, invite gets sent and a RSVP is received to say “Yes, I will attend” and then on the day of the event- no show. You do not deserve nice things.

Me, when folks come to an event with a plus one but my invite was for one person. Or when the dress code was not adhered to. Nice things are not for you.


When non invited guests ask to be invited, ask for tickets or ask why they have been excluded. You don’t deserve nice things because you are making things awkward. Don’t do that.

alcohol animated GIF

It is so rude to not engage on social media. When someone tweets you or asks a question, reply. You are not verified and you are not an A-LIST. So you have no right to be so rude that you can’t acknowledge fellow Twitter folks.  You clearly don’t deserve nice things.

Miranda Hart Rude

But then again, a few of you deserve nice things and so much more. Thanks to all my media friends for all the support. Showing up, tweeting, being a friend and showing love.

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