The Unboxing Of The All-New Ford Edge

The Unboxing Of The All-New Ford Edge

Exciting times here at Ford Middle East.

We’ve recently launched a new model to the market, in a not so traditional way. With the rise and impact of video content on social media, we’ve decided to use compelling video content pieces to launch the All-New Ford Edge.

The launch concept: UNBOXING


The phenomenon of ‘unboxing’ videos – where a vlogger takes a first look at a new piece of technology has become an incredibly popular Internet genre, racking up millions of views on YouTube. We’ve teamed up with a popular Saudi Arabian technology vlogger, Faisal Al Saif, to do just that with the All-New Ford Edge.

Faisal is known for unboxing mobile phones and tech gadgets but this was the biggest unboxing that he has ever done. The box measured 5 metres long, 2.3 metres high and 2.3 metres wide and was specially constructed to house Ford’s flagship Crossover Utility Vehicle.

The All-New Ford Edge is loaded with advanced technology, higher levels of sophistication, and greatly improved vehicle dynamics- all of which get’s discovered and talked about in the video.

You can learn more about the All-New Edge here: or on Twitter and Facebook by searching #FordEdgeME

Here’s the video, guys. Enjoy!

In the fist week of launching the video, it has racked up over 290, 000 views on Facebook alone.

Stay tuned, i will be updating you with more Edge epicness over the next few weeks!

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