Top 5 Super Bowl ads 2015!

It is no lie that the Super Bowl ads attract just as many viewers as the actual games at Super Bowl itself. I personally love watching these commercials, so here is my top 5!

1. I loved this ad! It is inspirational and emotive at the same time! Brilliantly done.

Dodge- Dodge Wisdom

2. This commercial from Super Bowl new-comer Mophie is definitely a front runner.

Mophie- Game Day

3.  The Reebok ad is just a creative expression of what it means to want more. To want to become better. Be more Human is great campaign. Good job guys!


4. Coolest ad yet came from Bud Light. Their PacMan ad received over 13 million views!

Bud Light- Real Life Pac Man

5. Who does not love some Kim Kardashian and Data!

Kim Kardashian for T-Mobile #KimsDataStash

Here is a bonus ad for you. It’s from Doritos and it made me laugh so hard!


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