Be Green With Envy- The RS review

Ford South Africa recently gave me the exclusive Ford Focus RS to drive and put to the test. I felt extremely amped and lucky to even be behind the wheel of this hooligan of a sports machine. There are only 60 RS’s in South Africa and this is number 12, so that made driving this RS even more epic.

So, I get in and press the push to start button and immediately got blown away by the roaring sound of that 216kW 2.5 Litre, five cylinder turbocharged engine. What I like about the RS is the cool ‘symposers’ which allows you to hear the roar of the engine inside the car- super cool feature by the way.

The gaping air scoop, wide tyres, big alloys, big double exhausts and spoilers makes for the ultimate bad boy sports machine. The steering is precise, the clutch action is beautifully weighed and the gear-change is nice and slick.

Driving this iconic limited production vehicle also proved two things for me:
1. Indian and Coloured guys go crazy over the RS or hot performance cars like it.
2. A hot pimped car attracts girls to a guy more.

Oh and this RS is so not for the faint-hearted. Trust me!

Thanks @FordSouthAfrica

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