The Top 12 Fashion Trends Of 2012


2012 has been the year of straight up ratchet moments. But one thing 2012 has been good for is some damn good fashion trends. Here’s some key trends we had in 2012.

1. Baroque


Few things are more royal than baroque print this season. The women rocked this trend on dresses, embellished purses and belts with ornate earrings while the dudes integrated this into their wardrobe with t-shirts and jackets.

2. Neon


The ‘80s made a return with the neons this year, and we weren’t complaining. This year the summer colors we knew and loved were bumped out by highlighter infused wardrobe selections. Women rocked this with accessories, and clothing items alike while men slowly integrated it into their wardrobes a little with neon accents to their grays and blacks. But please keep it to a minimum next year if you choose to continue this trend.

3. Nail Art


Nail art was formerly reserved for the nail salon, but girls have now made it possible to master your own perfect manicure and let their creativity go wild.

4. Animals as prints


This has to be my favouirte trend of 2012. Ferocious animals were suddenly so cool when they made their way onto the front of sweaters, purses, and of course the Givenchy Rottweiler collection had its hand in making that trend as large as it was. Yep, glad i got my Givenchy in Dubai. Definitely rocking more of this in 2013.

5. Peplum


Love it or hate it peplum had it’s fun this year. The Kardashian sisters seemed to favor this trend, but there really is a peplum for every body type. The peplum has been seen on Celebs such as Boity, Roxy Burger and Bonang. Peplums gave ladies a classy uptown look this year.

6. Tangerine Colours.


Tangerine was Pantone’s color of the year, no naturally it dominated the stores this summer. Dineo Moeketsi was seen wearing this trend at some event. Cool colour though. Tangerine actually makes me think of the cool new Focus ST that launched this year, with the launch colour being Tangerine Scream. Even cars are jumping on latest trends.

7. Bold prints.


Normally people try to shy away from prints, but not this year. Men and women alike were rocking all print everything when it came to really making a statement. Printed denim also made a hit in 2012.

8. Color Blocking


Pairing colors with neutrals Is so last year. 2012 was all about pairing bold colors with bold colors, but please leave this trend in 2011 and 2012.

9. Layering Jewelry


Layers on layers on layers, arm candy replace chunky bangles this year. It was all about keeping it small and layering unconventional pieces together. Watches no longer had the wrist real estate to it self. Women had vast options from stores such as Mr Price etc. The jewelry trend for 2013 will be Cartier bracelets.

10. All Leather Everything


Leather leather leather and, oh! More leather? Sure why not. This year was all about leather on jacket sleeves, skirts and leggings. We can thank KimYe as well as Givenchy for putting leather on our radar. This trend was not for everyone though.

11. Brogues


The vintage feel and look of a classic brogue introduced a whole new trend this year of stylish GQ appeal. One of the best fashion items this year and definitely deserves to reappear in 2013 and beyond.

12. Studs


Bedazzling is so 90s, but studs and spikes? Those were all the rage in 2012. Whether it was spiked out jackets, sneakers or spiked heels and pumps from Legit, this trend was the stand out fashion trend for 2012.

What was your favorite trend of 2012?

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