The Shocking Truth About Street Food in China

Damn, I didn’t know China put it down like that!

I love Asia, the culture and shopping is awesome. When i was in China a few months back and Taiwan four months ago, i explored the city and downtown by myself. I learn so much by just immersing myself in the culture and exploring- on my own.  There’s numerous street food vendors on the streets of China and Taiwan and i have to say, you need to have a strong stomach because the food IS what you would expect and the smell is absolutely mind boggling and stomach turning, especially Stinky Tofu.

Urban Enzo in China photo 2 photo 3Urban Enzo in Taiwan street food in Xiemending photo 4

So, i was on the internet recently, looking for good travel deals because i am really keen on visiting Beijing and Hong Kong. But then i came across this video. It basically warns people not to eat food from street vendors or fast foods in market places in Asia. Why? Because street vendors and hole-in-the-wall restaurants buy cheap, black market oil that’s been recycled from garbage. You read that correctly. Enterprising men and women will go through dumpsters, trash bins, gutters and even sewers, scooping out liquid or solid refuse that contains used oil or animal parts. Then they process that into cooking oil, which they sell at below-market rates to food vendors who use it to cook food that can make you extremely sick. And yea, I just threw up a lil bit in my mouth.

If you have the stomach for it, then check out this video clip:

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