The Phillips CareTouch Launch

300x300_02_11Finally there is an answer to my shaving woes. I swear, i shave at least twice a week and it is always a mission. I got excited when i received an invite from Phillips to attend the #CareTouch launch. A new electric shaver that could be a game changer due to its shaving innovation and performance. The launch was held at the iconic RandClub in Johannesburg with the elite of Mzanzi in attendance. I walked into the venue and it felt as if i took a step into the ultimate Mafia zone- Cigars, whiskey and men in suits.

So back to the product:

Men care about how their shave feels, and expect not just an expertly close shave, but an advanced shaving experience – one that leaves the skin ultra-smooth and with minimal irritation.

The launch of the CareTouch reinforces Philips’ global and local leadership position in the male electric shaving market and its commitment to bringing innovative solutions to the African market. Building on the 70 years of Philips heritage and expertise in developing new shaving technology, the CareTouch brings a new level of sophistication and efficacy to the South African market

Research conducted by Philips South Africa has indicated that most men in South Africa are prone to developing ingrown hairs and resultant skin irritation (‘razor bumps’) caused by shaving. Respondents generally chose their shaving implements based on what they felt worked for their skin or hair type, which they determined through trial and error. Primary concerns included particularly sensitive skin, characterised by a strong propensity for developing razor bumps, dryness or rashes.

Because of Philips’ innovative nature, we paid close attention to their needs and created a shaver that would provide this market with a solution that was sophisticated and would serve their needs.  This shaver’s groundbreaking technology is thus designed to assist South African men in reducing ingrown hairs and less skin irritation, caused by shaving.

“Philips can confidently say that CareTouch’s technology specifically speaks to the concerns of South African men, who more commonly suffer from shaving irritation, razor bumps and ingrown hairs,” says Jolene Roelofse, Philips Marketing Manager: Personal Care. “Philips has continued to set the benchmark for electric shaving innovation and performance. With CareTouch, we have focused on designing a premium results-orientated product for men with sensitive skin who want to achieve their best look.”

The Philips CareTouch experience

At the core of the new design and technology are some exceptional features that increase comfort and convenience.

Our best shaver for ingrown hairs

  • Characteristics of a good shave include smoothness of the skin to the touch, absence of bumps and a lasting shave
  • GentleCut heads cut just above skin level for smooth skin

A smooth shave for a confident look

  • Aquatec Wet &Dry – Refreshing wet shave or an easy dry shave
  • Rotary Comfort System effortlessly glides over your skin

Convenient trimming

  • Pop-up trimmer: Perfect for sideburns and moustache

The new Philips CareTouch range will be available from May 2013 for R699.00 at Clicks stores nationwide and selected retail outlets nationwide.

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