The Ford B-Max Facebook Reveal #SocialMedia

Social Media for me is all about trying new things and standing out from the rest.

The marketing team and i at Ford were tasked to come up with a creative way to reveal a new product to the market. I then had the great yet bold idea to do a launch on Facebook.

Concept: A Facebook reveal with a strong call to action to boost engagement and create excitement.

Idea: Ask for 20, 000 likes on a Facebook post to reveal all.

Concern: Facebook’s algorithm: The decline of organic reach of posts on the News Feed.

The post was:

“News Just In! There is a new Ford coming to SA. 20 000 likes on this post and we will reveal all!”

Ford South Africa B-Max Facebook Social Media Reveal by Ensly Dooms Urban Enzo

After 5 days of me being anxious, watching this post like a hawk and working on different ways to increase reach, i finally got what i wanted. Over 20 000 likes!!

These were the results.

Ford South Africa Social Media Facebook reval for B-mAX by Ensly Dooms Urban Enzo bmaxx

and this was the big reveal.. The Ford B-Max will be coming to SA.

Ford B-Max Concept

This was definitely one for the books. Here’s to taking more risks and having fun on social!

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