The Best Reactions To Beyonce’s Album Drop

By surprise, Beyonce decided she would drop an entire self-titled visual album that included 14 new songs and 17 new videos with literally NO warning. nothing! The internet reacted in a huge way, praising Queen Bey for the game-changing move, but here is why “girl f*** your cupcakes” reaction wins hands down!

After casually posting her album and shocking her fan base, along with the entire music industry and the world; Beyonce posted a photo of vegan cupcakes (remember, she and Jay Z are vegans now; at least until Christmas) a few hours later, which garnered the best response to her new surprise album that matters.

beyonce fuck your cupcakes

Other reactions that caught my attention:

The absolute thrill of Beyoncé dropping a napkin.This accurate description of what Beyoncé does with her day.

She is a genius! Game Changer!

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