The 2015 Grammy Awards GIF Highlights

Did you miss music’s biggest night? Don’t worry i got you! Here’s a few highlights of the 2015 Grammy’s, all in GIF form.

1. Giuliana Ranic got a IDFWU from Lady Gaga!

lady gaga ignores giuliana rancic on red carpet, grammys

2. Nicki Minaj looked stunning and she knew it.

nicki minaj knows she looks really hot on red carpet of grammys 2015

3. PDA from Ariana Grande

the grammys animated GIF

4. Taylor Swift was jamming! She really wants everyone to know that she is having a good time.

Taylor swift dancing at grammy's 2015 with her date

5. Beyonce walked like she has foot problems.


6. Kim Kardashian looked confused the whole night.

kanye west animated GIF

7. Lady Gaga was acting like such a fan.

lady gaga fan girling with tony bennett

8. Pharrel got lost.

pharrell, lost on stage, grammys 2015

9. Rihanna owned the stage and was not sorry about it.


10. The best part of the show for me when was Kristen Wigg performed as SIA. Hilarious. I love Kristen!


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