The 2014 MTV VMAs GIFS

The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards was a jammed packed show which had tons of epic moments, good laughs and WTFs! Here is a GIF recap of the #VMAS if you have missed it!

Blue Ivy was cheering her momma on!

blue ivy

Nicki was shaking things up with her Anaconda single animated GIF

Kylie Jenner is waiting for her appearance fee.

excited animated GIF

Okay Usher, we get it!

nicki minaj animated GIF

Taylor Swift was trying to be ‘down’ so bad.

dancing animated GIF

Nicki Minaj came busting out on stage. Epic wardrobe malfunction or what! animated GIF

King Beyonce gave a 15 minute performance.

beyonce animated GIF

Then the best moment of the night was when Blue Ivy and Mr Carter congratulated B. Goals folks Goals!

vmas 2014 animated GIF




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