The 10 Types Of Instagram Users


Instagram is a great app for sharing creative and unique pictures. We have to admit though, we’re starting to see some patterns emerge in the users we follow.With some observation, i have narrowed down all of Instagram into 10 users. These users are everywhere, they weave in and out of our lives and feeds. You’ll recognize them instantly — they’re your friends, family, colleagues. They are you.

1. The Foodie

The Foodie

Description: A common sighting, Foodies are known for taking pictures of every single meal they’ve eaten since Instagram was introduced in 2010.

Filter of Choice: Nashville.

2. The Wannabe Photographer

The Foodie

Description: Every day, this Instagrammer posts another photo of  some cool shot he or she took. This instgrammer strives to find a good shot. They will take a picture of a doorknob and make it seem as if its a Picasso. Calm down!

Filter of Choice: Rise.

3. The Couple That ‘Grams Together

Conjoined Instagramers

Description: This couple always floods Instagram with their pictures. They’ve taken the same picture so many times their faces have begun to merge together.

Filter of Choice: Amaro.

4. The Eternal Vacationers

Eternal Vacationers

Description: London, Dubai, New York — this couple is always on vacation, and always posting pictures from those vacations. How do they afford this many vacations?  *Cough* LeAnn Dlamini

Filter of Choice: X-Pro II.

5. “Every Day Is #tbt” Girl/Guy

tbt guy illustration

Description: Throwback Thursday is designated to one day per week because of people like this Instagrammer. He abuses the system, posting a neverending slew of embarrassing photos. Calm down.

Filter of Choice: Inkwell.

6. The Frequent Flyer

The Frequent Flyer Illustration

Description: Eternally flying into and out of O.R Tambo. The Frequent Flyer will always make sure he’s delivering cityscapes and plane wings to your timeline. Barrie!

Filter of Choice: Brannan.

7. The Selfie Girl

Selfie Girl

Description: Everyday,  at work or school, on the toilet — this Instagrammer never stops taking selfies.

Filter of Choice: Mayfair.

8. Mr. Bad News

Illegal Activities Guy

Description: His VW, weed, half naked girls- this Instagrammer might not grasp the concept of “public profile.”

Filter of Choice: Walden.

9. The Dog Girl

The Dog Girl Illustration

Description: What can we say? This girl loves dogs. How many dogs does she have, exactly? Maybe somebody should check on her.

Filter of Choice: Hudson.

10. The Constant InstaVid Barrie

The Bridge Troll

Description: This Instagrammer loves to do Instavids. They would either be singing or rapping or doing the same thing over and over in every video.

Filter of Choice: #nofilter

Then there is your:

Timeline Flooder- Relax please, why is this person uploading photos back to back. Give it time.

Club girl: This chick is always doing her duck face in the club and is usually posing with friends.

Whitagram crowd: Clearly the trend has taken over. Now everyone’s Timeline looks the same.

The Hashtag dependent: Woah, easy with the tags. This instagrammer will hashtag anything and everything!

Which one are you?

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