The 10 Commandments For Working In Social Media

1. Thou shall not call oneself a guru!

2. Thou shalt engage with netizens at all times.

3. Thou shall also not think of content as king but the consumer as king.

4. Ugh i am tired of typing “Thou”. You will rely on measurement and you will focus on engagement the same way you focus on fan likes.


5. In my case, i try not to just focus on Social only but i focus on other parts of the business as well, such as integrating heavily with Marketing and PR. Thou shall do the same, it expands your portfolio and preps you for when you choose to leave this beloved field one day!

6. Thou shall create and nourish relationships with online influencers.

7. Thou shall’t not copy another brands work/concept/media but rather focus on being original.


8. You are not customer care. You are there to push people to customer care but you are not customer care. I am sure you have other things to focus on like creating rocking campaigns.

9. By all means, thou shall not delete a fans comment because you have a “i can’t deal with this right now” attitude.


10. Thou shall at all times remain humble! Mistakes can and will happen. So please, play nice at all times and have fun!


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