Thank you 2014! Ready for 2015


As i look back at what 2014 has brought me, i can’t help but to be thankful. Thankful for the blessings, numerous opportunities and growth that has come in my life. I am really grateful that the ones i love have survived this year. I think that is the main thing i am happy and grateful for. So many people died and things went wrong for many but i guess that is just part of life for everyone.

I had a year of hard work and sacrifice and it all paid off as i got promoted to be Social Media Lead for South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. Major deal for me! Ford recently ventured into Africa and that mean’t that all efforts executed in South Africa had to be done in three markets in Africa- namely Nigeria, Angola and Kenya.

I kicked off a full month of strategy to launch a Social Media presence for Ford in each market. I appointed a Community Manager in Nigeria and Angola and we launched a Facebook and Twitter presence for Ford Nigeria and Ford Angola. To date, all platforms have been doing very well. Brand awareness and favouribilty has definitely increased and the engagement and numbers on the channels are true testament to that.

Traveling has also done me well in 2014 as i have been to a new city every month since January. I captured each one so do check out #AdventuresOfTheLoneBoyTraveller on Instagram. In 2015, i hope to be fortunate enough to see more of the world.
I’ve got my annual Birthday tripped booked for April 2015 and its going to be awesome! I won’t be traveling alone for it, i have invited a few friends so it is sure to be interesting.

Anyway, here’s to hoping for an amazing 2015 filled with success, joy, love and growth in all aspects.

Never lose focus and always be positive. Pray as much as you can, forgive quickly, laugh more and appreciate the ones around you. Stand your ground, fight for what you want and forget the haters.

Happy New Year!

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