3 Cities To Explore For The Adventurous Traveller

It is that time of the year again, when everyone is looking for  a December getaway. I am one of them and i know that i should have not left it for the last minute. While looking for info on my next trip, I found out that at Club Med you can maximise your holiday experience by choosing 2 different, but incredible destinations all in one trip. Score!! It is called the city stop – a stopover en-route to returning from your Club Med resort. The city stop promises the best both worlds in one holiday: the relaxed, laid back ambience of a resort and the thrilling, high energy buzz of a global metropolis.

When opting for a city stop using Club Med, you get a total access package that covers your airport transfers, premium accommodation from only 4 and 5 star hotels with breakfast included. What’s great is that you can choose how long you want to stay at the city stop, you can do what you want, when you want and all at your own pace.

So all this got me thinking. Which two cities can i visit with Club Med?

Here is where i would like to go:


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Turkey’s capital, Istanbul boasts age old architecture and a rich culture. Discover places like Topkapi Palace which was the residence of the Ottoman dominator from the 15th to the 19th century and take in the grandeur of the most beautiful mosque in Istanbul, the Blue Mosque. The labyrinthine and chaotic Grand Bazaar with its 4 000 shops is the heart of the Old City and has been for centuries. After a shopping spree, one can get refreshed at Lokum in Kurucesme, and experience the delights, flavours & beauty of true Turkish delight.

The Istanbul city stop is available for travel to resorts in Turkey, that is, Club Med Palmiye in Antalya and Club Med Bodrum in Bodrum.


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A modern day oasis with amazing energy and a penchant for luxury that equals only to a few destinations. Experience this Emirate’s futuristic architecture and extravagant shopping complexes all combined with a rich Middle Eastern heritage. For any city stop, you get to choose between three hotels and the following are available for Dubai:

  • The Armani Hotel designed by Giorgio Armani and aptly located on the iconic Burj Khalifa tower
  • Sofitel Hotel, a luxury beachfront hotel with panoramic views of the Persian Gulf
  • The Majestic Tower Hotel, boasting 7 restaurants and bars is located in the Bur Dubai district within close proximity to the international airport and world class shopping centres

Dubai is available as a city stop for travellers heading to Club Med Kani in The Maldives


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This city state boasts a wide range of fine culture excursions from galleries with a range of art forms to museums with prestigious works. History buffs can explore the well preserved relics in the heritage centres while party animals can revel in a colourful nightlife scene. Lovers of nature can immerse in the many rainforests and botanical paradises available while foodies can revel in Singapore’s renowned street food. Design enthusiasts can take in the incredible architecture in Singapore’s impressive skylines while retail therapy opportunities are plenty in this shopper’s paradise.

Singapore is available as a city stop for travellers heading to Club Med Bali in Indonesia.

I am getting so excited about these amazing destinations. Check out Club Med on wwww.clubmed.co.za and keep up with them on Twitter here: @Club_Med_SA

#AdventuresOfTheLoneBoyTraveller in Thailand

I really liked Duke Dumont’s new single called “I Got You” featuring Jax Jones and when i saw the video i was mesmerized by the location and its adventures. The music video was shot in Phuket, Thailand and was shot in first person perspective, so you’ll feel like you are right there in the video experiencing it all. I enjoyed this video so much that i really wanted to experience this whirlwind of an adventure for myself.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHCYHldJi_g&w=610&h=343]

I really needed a break after the month i had and seeing that my birthday was coming up, it was the perfect opportunity to go wild and to get away.

I did everything in the video except the bungee jumping and volley ball.

Here’s what i liked and didn’t like.

What i liked:

  1. The beaches and islands. My favourite was Maya Bay and Bamboo island.
  2. The parties (clubs and bars). As soon as it hits 7pm the vibe is insane. 7 days a week.
  3. The attractions- Tiger Kingdom
  4. The friendly nature of Thai people
  5. The close proximity of everything

What i didn’t like:

  1. Massage ladies always asking you to come for a massage if they see you walking by
  2. More tourists than locals

I had an amazing time in Thailand and my birthday was one that i will never forget. I have seen and done so many crazy stuff- some of it will stay in Thailand. This was honestly one of the best holidays ever, so i will definitely come back. Next time i am coming with friends.


khI Got U