You Don’t Deserve Nice Things Edition 2

There has been a number of situations i have seen or experienced that just made me go, “nooo what the hell”.  The people responsible, honestly, ‘Do Not Deserve Nice Things’.

1. You get invited to an event and you tell the organisers how things should have been done. Your suggestions at the time of the event/launch or project is not the right time and place and could possibly be the worst thing for a PR to hear at that point.

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2. Having a built in messaging system on your blog or website is so not cool. Why not just leave your email address in your bio or contact page. Nobody has time to fill out a contact form, but because you knew that there is an easier way, you do not deserve nice things.

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3. Brands and People on Instagram- I have seen so many brands on Instagram ignore their followers. What happened to being social? Many brands are just focused on doing social instead of being “Social”. Isn’t that what Social Media is about? I don’t think you deserve your followers or even those comments. Same can be said about normal everyday Instagram users that flat out scroll pass comments on their photos.

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4. Friends that aren’t really friends. Shady and faulty in so many ways. Take yourself to the acquaintance zone, as you don’t deserve nice things. Nice things like a Good Friend.

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5. Some of you don’t deserve to be “Put ON”, simply because you fail to manage the relationship post the initial agreement, communication or opportunity.

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Check Out My Interview On ZALEBS.COM

UrbanEnzo Ensly DoomsMeet the new media rock-stars who are sharing their online diaries with the rest of the world, one experience at a time.

Urban Enzo:
Calling himself a lifestyle influencer with an interest in fashion and travel, Ensly introduces us to his world:

What does a work-day entail for you in-between blogging and your 9-5?

I don’t have those as I never know what my day will behold. I wear different hats throughout my day, from being a PR professional, Social Media Manager for various brands, a digital strategist and then managing my own brand. My day is 24 hours of constant online interaction so somewhere in my time I make time to keep on trend and blog.

Can you recall any major hurdles you faced when starting out your blog?

For me, it was standing out from the crowd. With so many bloggers starting out, I had to make sure that I am unique and that I create a fan base that appreciates and recognizes me. The initial work of being known is always the hardest.

What three tips would you give new bloggers starting out in terms of social media?

•    Have a Plan
•    Take your content seriously and only put out the best
•    Know your brand and do not confuse your followers by saying or doing something that is not a part of your online image.

What or who is your inspiration and what are your fashion staples when it comes to personal style?

My sense of style is not inspired by anyone. I just like to look good with clothes I like- preferably anything from Zara, Jonathan D or Topman.  I love wearing tailored blazers and I think that’s my thing now. I am also a fan of an international street wear, be it through my snapbacks, sneakers or jackets. I buy most of my clothes online. I just like to feel comfortable but it’s cool that people recognize my style.  I also feel that everyone should have their unique item of clothes that defines them.

What are your plans for “Urban Enzo” this year?  

I will be focusing on my travels with #AdventuresOfTheLoneBoyTraveller. I am planning on visiting a few African Countries. I am also aspiring to inspire with my content I put out. There’s a bunch of stuff that will be happening this year for Urban Enzo.


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Thank you @Zalebs for the awesome interview!