My Social Media Week In Gifs

1. Instagram announced that descriptions for photos can now be edited after posting!

happy dance animated GIF

2. I saw this tweet and i was like JACKPOT!!


weird animated GIF

Great job by the Woolworths Social Media Team for being on the ball and attending to the tweet as quick as they did. I am 100 % sure this was their reaction when the RT’s came in.


3. I dropped my iPhone face first and now its damaged.. really bad!


4. When someone actually posts a compliment on the wall as opposed to a complaint


5. When someone just won’t stop. Political tweets, self-praise, sponsored tweets etc etc


6. When someone posts a really long comment on the Facebook wall.



My Social Media Week In GIFs

1. When you contact a blogger for an awesome opportunity (free of charge to them) to their benefit and they don’t say thank you. Even worst when they forget you afterwards. Trying to build a relationship here.


2. When i read a bio that said “Social Media Master”.

gross animated GIF

3. When one of my tweets got 1.5k RT’s!

OREO’S SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM TODAY:</p><br /><br /><br /> <p>(via Adam) </p><br /><br /><br /> <p>Also, I am so jealous of their content team.

4. Brands that share content like this. No creativity. Nooo



5. OMG, then i saw this.


shocked animated GIF

6. When a troll keeps complaining even after we’ve handled an issue.


7. When that gorgeous fashion blogger i followed on Instagram followed me back.

wink animated GIF

Yasss, Verified on Twitter!!!

Working in Social Media is fun. Demanding at times and always full of surprises.

Its filled with tons of small victories that require hard work and dedication to achieve. For example, increasing your brands awareness and favorability, getting high engagement with good content or just a simple like or follow.

But then there’s big victories like getting your brand verified on Twitter.

I manage two other Twitter accounts and after numerous emails and calls to Twitter, i have finally managed to get those accounts the sort after blue tick!

OMG! This was my reaction!

excited animated GIF

excited animated GIF

dancing animated GIF

community animated GIF

My Life Working In Social Media- GIFs

I will be sharing my Social Media experiences with you. My fellow Social Media people will understand.

When i am on a call or brainstorming and people are talking in the background

Every time a brand used the #neverforget hashtag:

When my posts gets amazing engagement

happy animated GIF

When i check the STATS..

Dealing with folks that want my job and that do the smallest things to try and shade me..#ISeeYou


The 10 Types Of Instagram Users


Instagram is a great app for sharing creative and unique pictures. We have to admit though, we’re starting to see some patterns emerge in the users we follow.With some observation, i have narrowed down all of Instagram into 10 users. These users are everywhere, they weave in and out of our lives and feeds. You’ll recognize them instantly — they’re your friends, family, colleagues. They are you.

1. The Foodie

The Foodie

Description: A common sighting, Foodies are known for taking pictures of every single meal they’ve eaten since Instagram was introduced in 2010.

Filter of Choice: Nashville.

2. The Wannabe Photographer

The Foodie

Description: Every day, this Instagrammer posts another photo of  some cool shot he or she took. This instgrammer strives to find a good shot. They will take a picture of a doorknob and make it seem as if its a Picasso. Calm down!

Filter of Choice: Rise.

3. The Couple That ‘Grams Together

Conjoined Instagramers

Description: This couple always floods Instagram with their pictures. They’ve taken the same picture so many times their faces have begun to merge together.

Filter of Choice: Amaro.

4. The Eternal Vacationers

Eternal Vacationers

Description: London, Dubai, New York — this couple is always on vacation, and always posting pictures from those vacations. How do they afford this many vacations?  *Cough* LeAnn Dlamini

Filter of Choice: X-Pro II.

5. “Every Day Is #tbt” Girl/Guy

tbt guy illustration

Description: Throwback Thursday is designated to one day per week because of people like this Instagrammer. He abuses the system, posting a neverending slew of embarrassing photos. Calm down.

Filter of Choice: Inkwell.

6. The Frequent Flyer

The Frequent Flyer Illustration

Description: Eternally flying into and out of O.R Tambo. The Frequent Flyer will always make sure he’s delivering cityscapes and plane wings to your timeline. Barrie!

Filter of Choice: Brannan.

7. The Selfie Girl

Selfie Girl

Description: Everyday,  at work or school, on the toilet — this Instagrammer never stops taking selfies.

Filter of Choice: Mayfair.

8. Mr. Bad News

Illegal Activities Guy

Description: His VW, weed, half naked girls- this Instagrammer might not grasp the concept of “public profile.”

Filter of Choice: Walden.

9. The Dog Girl

The Dog Girl Illustration

Description: What can we say? This girl loves dogs. How many dogs does she have, exactly? Maybe somebody should check on her.

Filter of Choice: Hudson.

10. The Constant InstaVid Barrie

The Bridge Troll

Description: This Instagrammer loves to do Instavids. They would either be singing or rapping or doing the same thing over and over in every video.

Filter of Choice: #nofilter

Then there is your:

Timeline Flooder- Relax please, why is this person uploading photos back to back. Give it time.

Club girl: This chick is always doing her duck face in the club and is usually posing with friends.

Whitagram crowd: Clearly the trend has taken over. Now everyone’s Timeline looks the same.

The Hashtag dependent: Woah, easy with the tags. This instagrammer will hashtag anything and everything!

Which one are you?

Follow me on Instagram at- urbanenzo 🙂

Yes, i did it!

Expanding my skills and being allowed to do so has been such a learning curve for me of which i am grateful for. I really had a epic week as i got to do so many career highlighting things such as interviewing Ford President and CEO, Alan Mulally using Instagram and Twitter and conceptualizing and hosting a Consumer event i called “Social Media Day” at the Johannesburg International Motor Show.

From invites to mc’ing my own event, the live bands, reveals and trending on Social Media, i think my #FordAtJIMS event went well.

I am proud of myself for pulling it all off and for having another successful event backed up by Social Media. Here’s to me for taking things to the next level.

Check out some of the visuals:






Drake – Nothing Was The Same Quotes

drake, album cover, nothing was the same

Nothing was the same, or will ever be the same, on Social Media.

It’s no secret Drake’s highly anticipated third studio album, Nothing Was The Same, leaked late last night on the ‘net, and now it’s time to brace yourself. Get ready and just be strong!

Just like most hip-hop albums, Drake’s #NWTS will be quoted on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at an alarming rate. I have been using a few quotes, and i am not even ashamed. This album is everything!!

Scroll down and indulge yourself in the NWTS quote cheat sheet. Thank Me later 😉

Track 1 – “Tuscan Leather” 

Most Quotable: 

“I’m living like I’m out here on my last adventure.”

“We keep it thorough, n*gga, rap like this for all of my borough n*ggas.”

“I reached the point where don’t shit matter to me, n*gga/ I reached heights that Dwight Howard couldn’t reach, n*gga.”

“Prince Akeem, they throw flowers at my feet, n*gga.”

“Bench players talking like starters, I hate it.”

“Born a perfectionist, guess that makes me a bit obsessive.”

“Young rebel, Young Money nothin’ you could tell me.”

“Tryna get my karma up, f*ck the guilty and greedy sh*t.”

Track 2 – “Furthest Thing” 

Most Quotable: 

“Somewhere between psychotic and iconic.”

“Somewhere between I want it and I got it.”

“Somewhere between I’m sober and I’m lifted.”

“Somewhere between a mistress and commitment.”

“I still been drinking on the low/ Mobbin on the low/ F*ckin on the low/ Smokin on the low/ I still been plotting on the low/ Scheming on the low.”

“The furthest thing from perfect, Like everyone I know.”

“Promise to break everybody off before I break down/ Everyone just wait now/ So much on my plate now.”

“You know that paper my passion.”

“This the life for me/ My mama told me this was right for me.”

“Naked women swimming that’s just how I’m living.”

“I just build and build more/ Y’all n*ggas build and destroy.”

“I had to Derrick Rose the knee up before I got the re-up.”


Track 3 – “Started From The Bottom” 

Most Quotable:


“Started from the bottom now we’re here.”

“No new n*ggas, n*gga we don’t feel that.”

“F*ck a fake friend, where your real friends at?”

“I’ma worry ’bout me, give a f*ck about you.”

“Story stay the same through the money and the fame.”

Track 4 – “Wu-Tang Forever” 

Most Quotable:

“Young n*gga came through on his Wu-Tang.”

“If you nervous, hit the lights.”

“I hit you with the 9 a.m. in Dallas who you like, baby, who you like?”

“Nobody else’s, yeah, this sh*t belong to nobody, it’s yours.”

Track 5  – “Own It” 

Most Quotable:

“Own it…it’s yours.”

“N*ggas talk more than bitches these days/ Just let that sh*t sink in.”

“Still straight with the weed and the liquor these days/ Cause the new drugs got the kids trippin’ these days.”

“My ex-girl been searchin’ for a “sorry.”‘

“You got the Batphone and my workline.”

Track 6 – “Worst Behavior” 

Most Quotable: 

“N*gga never loved us/Do it look like we stressin’?”

“Command, it’s a mission.”

“I’m on my worst behavior/Don’t you ever get it f*cked up.”

“So everywhere we go now, full cup.”

“Open the mail, staring at the check/ Enough to make you throw up/ Man it’s gross what I net.”

“Bar mitzvah money like my name Mordehigh.”

“For all the stunting, I’ll forever be immortalized.”


Track 7 – “From Time” Featuring Jhene Aiko 

Most Quotable:

“I like when money makes a difference, but don’t make you different.”

“I want to take a deeper than money, p*ssy, vacation.”

“I search for something I’m missing and disappear when I’m bored.”

“When you find out how I’m living, I just hope I’m forgiven.”

Track 8 – “Hold On, We’re Going Home” 

Most Quotable:

“Cause you’re a good girl and you know it/you act so different around me.”

“Just hold on we’re going home.”

Track 9 – “Connect” 

Most Quotable:

“Swangin, eyes closed just swangin.”

“Same city, same friends if you’re looking for me.”

“I’m on the road right now swangin.”

Track 10 – “The Language” Featuring Birdman

Most Quotable:

“N*ggas downplaying the money but that’s what you do when the money down.”

“I am the kid with the motor mouth/I am the one that you should worry about.”

“She just want to smoke and f*ck, I said “Girl, that’s all that we do”

“Jealousy in the air tonight, I could tell.”

“Been ready, it’s real, I don’t know about you.”

“I’m about to roll one and light it and f*ck it man, no one’s invited.”

“I just want some head in a comfortable bed.”

“Talking that sh*t with your back to me, just know it always get back to me.”

Birdman Quotables: 

“Big time, sunshine, tote nines/ Bust mines, flatline, hard grind/High life, stay fly as jet time.”

“Stunt n*gga, every time you see a n*gga/ Stunt n*gga, swag on head to feet n*gga.”

Track 11 – “305 To My City” Featuring Detail 

Most Quotable:

“We did it we did it/We so far from finished.”

“At the end of the night when you count, numbers don’t lie.”

“Shine on them hoes, let ‘em know that you run sh*t.”

“I get it I get it, I’m workin’ too hard, let’s get into some fun sh*t.”


Track 12 – “Too Much” Featuring Sampha 

Most Quotable:

“Done saying, I’m done playing.”

“I’ve been stacking up like I’m fundraising.”

“Moment I stop having fun with it, I’ll be done with it.”

“I’m such a dreamer, a believer in a sense.”

Track 13 – “Pound Cake/ Paris Morton Music 2″ Featuring Jay Z 

Most Quotable:

“Overly focused, it’s far from the time to rest now.”

“I’m authentic, real name, no gimmicks, no game, no scrimmage.”

“Tables turn, bridges burn, you live and learn.”

Jay Z Quotables:

“All black Maybach but I’m not a racist.”

“I’m back in my bag/ My eyes bloodshot but my jet don’t lag.”

“A pair of Jordan 3′s tryna chase this cash.”

“Last night was mad trill/ I’m fresh out of Advil, Jesus grab the wheel.”

Track 14 – “Come Thru”

Most Quotable:

“We had the type of nights where morning comes too soon.”

“Rap game, Crack game, ain’t that different?”

<> at M2 Ultra Lounge on June 11, 2009 in New York City.

Track 15 – “All Me” Featuring Big Sean & 2 Chainz

Most Quotable:

“Came up, that’s all me, stay true, that’s all me/ No help, that’s all me, all me for real. “

“I’m the light skinned Keith Sweat.”

“…I’m on a roll like Cottonelle/ I was made for all of this sh*t.”

2 Chainz Quotables: 

“Walked in, “Ill n*gga alert! Ill n*gga alert!”‘

“Money on my mind, you should think the same, J’s on, pinky ring.”

Big Sean Quotables: 

“I got 99 problems, getting rich ain’t one.”


Notable Quotables From Yeezus That We Know You’re Going To Abuse On Social Media!

kanye-west-yeezus-650_0It’s happening.

A weekend before the June 18th release date put in place for Kanye West’s 6th album, Yeezus, the powers of the internet caught wind of a leak, and with the click of a download link everyone had access to Kanye’s lyrical ingenuity.

What exactly does that mean? It means that the raps of Kanye on Yeezus are now in the hands of the reckless youth and eager-to-be-relevant social media stunters who will tweet, Facebook, Instagram caption and sidewalk chalk the fuck out of every catchy line on the album before you even form a strong opinion on the body of work.

I’ve decided to round up all the most notable quotables from Yeezus that we know you’re going to abuse on social media. Consider this an accurate cheat sheet.

You’re welcome; now hurry up with my damn croissant!



WHO WILL ABUSE THIS: The same men and women who through fits for bottle service just to Instagram P.O.V. photos of them standing on the couch.


“Indian hair and no moccasins”

“Black timbs all on your couch again”

“And I know she like chocolate men. She got more niggas off than Cochran”

“No sports bra lets keep it bouncing”


WHO WILL ABUSE THIS: The same person who currently tweets/Instagrams about their late night grind and frequently posts “sleep is the cousin of death,” “Vamp life,” or anything of the variety.


“Pardon, I’m getting my scream on”

“Four in the morning, and I’m zoning they say I’m possessed, it’s an omen”

“I keep it 300, like the Romans 300 bitches, where’s the Trojans?”

“You niggas ain’t breathing you gasping.”

“These niggas ain’t ready for action.”


WHO WILL ABUSE THIS: The self-absorbed professional on the rise who just happens to really be feeling themselves at the moment, and simply has no time to wait.


“Hurry up with my damn massage.”

“Hurry up with my damn ménage.”

“Hurry up with my damn croissants.”

“And here’s a few snake-ass niggas to bite you.”

“Old niggas mentally still in high school.”

“Nobody else had swag, man, we the Rat Pack”

“I know he the most high But I am a close high”


WHO WILL ABUSE THIS: The forward thinking former Africana studies major, who also frequently posts links to conspiracy theories.


“You see it’s broke nigga racism, that’s that “Don’t touch anything in the store” And this rich nigga racism, that’s that “Come in, please buy more.”

“Spending everything on Alexander Wang.”

“You see there’s leaders and there’s followers But I’d rather be a dick than a swallower.”

“Fuck it, c’est la vie.”

“Y’all ’bout to turn shit up. I’m ’bout to tear shit down. I’m ’bout to air shit out”


WHO WILL ABUSE THIS: Everyone and anyone who posts anything drinking/ smoking /partying related. Be ready to make way to the new “sunglasses and Advil” of our time.


“I can’t handle no liquor But these bitches can’t handle me.”

“You say you know me, my nigga But you really just know the old me”

“I’m hanging on a hangover.”

“You love me when I ain’t sober. You love me when I’m hungover”

“Late night organ donor After that he disown ya”

“Soul mates become soulless”


WHO WILL ABUSE THIS: Two grades of people will find themselves posting almost every lyric to this song. 1. The men who comment with “I would lick your butt” on Instagram photos, and 2. The women who post those very “butt on the sink” Instagram photos.


“Damn your lips very soft as I turn my Blackberry off and I turn your bath water on and you turn off your iPhone”

“Your titties, let ’em out, free at last. Thank God almighty, they free at last”

“Eatin’ Asian pussy, all I need was sweet and sour sauce.”

“Put my fist in her like a civil rights sign”

“Tell your boss you need an extra hour off”

“She cut from a different textile”

“Black girl sippin’ white wine”

“They be balling in the D-League”

“I be speaking Swaghili”


WHO WILL ABUSE THIS: This song is so dope, I am actually giving a free pass to anyone and everyone to utilize lyrics to it on social media…as long as they know the actual meaning behind the phrase “strange fruit.”


“I’m holdin’ down the summer now.”

“These bitches surroundin’ me All want somethin’ out me”

“We could’ve been somebody ‘stead you had to tell somebody.”

“Let’s take it back to the first party when you tried your first molly”

“I don’t give a damn if you used to talk to Jay-Z. He ain’t with you, he with Beyoncé, you need to stop actin’ lazy”

“She Instagram herself like #BadBitchAlert”

“He Instagram his watch like #MadRichAlert”

“Two-thousand-dollar bag with no cash in your purse”


WHO WILL ABUSE THIS: Some salty men and women who need fresh subliminals to take shots at their significant others, and the singles who are out enjoying the fancy things, on someone elses’ dime.


“Fancy like the things she likes. She lives her life”

“Pour a little champagne, cranberry vodka”

“I hit her with Jamaican dick, I’m the new Shabba”

“Star Wars fur, yeah I’m rockin’ Chewbacca”

“If you love me so much then why’d you let me go?”


WHO WILL ABUSE THIS: Anyone with confidence levels measurable to Yeezy’s…typically while they are posting photos of pre-games or reminiscing on a night out the morning after.


“Success got ’em jealous”

“Last night my bitches came in twos”

“The greatest shit in the club Since “In Da Club””

“I be going hard, I got a name to prove.”

“And her heart colder than the souls of men”

“Louboutin on the toes again”


WHO WILL ABUSE THIS: The people tweeting Send It Up and Bound 2 will be one and the same, just looking to turn up at high octaves and stunt on social media with pre-recorded lyrics to match. Can’t be mad at that.


“When a real nigga hold you down, you supposed to drown”

“They ordered champagne but still look thirsty”

“Rock Forever 21 but just turned thirty”

“This that red cup, all on the lawn shit”

“Got a fresh cut, straight out the salon, bitch”

“One good girl is worth a thousand bitches”**

Okay bye now!