#AdventuresOfTheLoneBoyTraveller in Thailand

I really liked Duke Dumont’s new single called “I Got You” featuring Jax Jones and when i saw the video i was mesmerized by the location and its adventures. The music video was shot in Phuket, Thailand and was shot in first person perspective, so you’ll feel like you are right there in the video experiencing it all. I enjoyed this video so much that i really wanted to experience this whirlwind of an adventure for myself.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHCYHldJi_g&w=610&h=343]

I really needed a break after the month i had and seeing that my birthday was coming up, it was the perfect opportunity to go wild and to get away.

I did everything in the video except the bungee jumping and volley ball.

Here’s what i liked and didn’t like.

What i liked:

  1. The beaches and islands. My favourite was Maya Bay and Bamboo island.
  2. The parties (clubs and bars). As soon as it hits 7pm the vibe is insane. 7 days a week.
  3. The attractions- Tiger Kingdom
  4. The friendly nature of Thai people
  5. The close proximity of everything

What i didn’t like:

  1. Massage ladies always asking you to come for a massage if they see you walking by
  2. More tourists than locals

I had an amazing time in Thailand and my birthday was one that i will never forget. I have seen and done so many crazy stuff- some of it will stay in Thailand. This was honestly one of the best holidays ever, so i will definitely come back. Next time i am coming with friends.


khI Got U