#AdventuresOfTheLoneBoyTraveller Taiwan Edition – The Hashtag Drama

I am huge fan of travel and i am always dreaming about or planning my next trip. I visited China in September 2012 and since that trip i fell in love with Asia. I knew that i had to go back as the culture, infrastructure and shopping is unlike any other. I initially planned to visit Paris for my birthday but then decided to go back to Asia. I chose Taiwan as my next country to explore. With the “struggle” deeming so heavily over us all these days i pushed and did all that i could to make my dream of travelling again a reality.

I planned my trip and decided to use Instagram, Vine and Twitter to amplify my travel exploration by using the hashtag #AdventuresOfTheLoneBoyTraveller. I innocently just decided to use the hashtag to micro-blog and document my life. I had no intention to come across as braggadocio. I received a few pass along messages from friends about acquaintances who had a lot to say about this damn hashtag. I don’t get why people would be that narrow minded and so petty that an issue has to be made about my social activity on MY own personal platforms. Its mind boggling actually. I continued with my hashtag till the last day. I was not going to stop micro blogging about my travels.

Anyway back to my trip. I flew to Bangkok spent some time there and then flew to Taipei, Taiwan. I stayed at the awesome Regent Taipei Hotel for the duration of my stay. As with every city i visit, i like to explore by taking walks through the city- fully immersing myself into the way of life and culture. Taipei is brand central. All the elite brands are on every corner. From Louis Vuitton, Prada, Givenchy, Hermes etc. I spent most of my days touring the island. I visited Yeh Liu Geopark, Jiufen Vilage, Fisherman Wharf, Danshui Old Street, Digital Plaza, Shihlin Night Market, Taipei 101, Snow Mountain Tunnel, Suao Harbour, King Car Whiskey Distillery, Lanyang Museum. I also enjoyed the party scene at Rama Restaurant at ATT4Fun.

I also managed to check out Computex, the second largest Computer exhibition in the world. I copped me some pretty cool stuff from there.

I had an amazing time in this city. Asia has done me good yet again and it will therefore always remain the best continent on this planet for me.

Check back for some cool pictures i took….#Selfies In Taiwan.