Most of you have heard about the deadly Ebola Outbreak that has hit West Africa, right? The outbreak hit countries such as Liberia and Guinea and has now entered Nigeria. Really bad timing as i was planning a trip to Nigeria in September. My flights and hotel were all booked and i was ready to explore. This all had to be  cancelled when news broke that a Liberian man infected with the Ebola virus made his way into Lagos, Nigeria and collapsed at the Airport.

Ebola is so deadly and highly contagious that one can die within 48 hours of contracting the disease. Reports say that there are now,  1,779 cases and 961 deaths that have been counted. The outbreak is out of control and is getting worse.

Here are 10 basic tips to help educate you on how to protect yourself from the deadly virus.

1. Wash your hands regularly.

2. Sanitize your hands with at least 60% alcohol as often as possible when water is not available.

3. Do NOT eat bush meat most especially bats, monkeys, gorillas, forest antelope and porcupines. (This is how Ebola apparently started)

4. Watch where you eat and don’t eat meat unless you’re sure of the source.
5. If you choose to eat any animal products make sure it is thoroughly cooked.

6. Avoid sharing clothes with strangers.

7. Watch out for symptoms of Ebola such as fever, vomiting, diarrhea and bleeding around your neighborhood.

8. Avoid areas where an outbreak has been reported.

9. Report any unauthorized movement of corpses in your area especially those brought in from abroad.

10. Don’t touch or go near anyone who has been confirmed to have Ebola and if you absolutely must, then wear protective gloves.

I am disappointed that i won’t be seeing this amazing country that is Nigeria but i am even more sad for the number of people that are dying each day.

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