#NewCreativeSpot Gold Khromo Earphones by Urban Enzo x Tobias Brothers


shot by Cailin Tobias #CTphotography

In my new series called #NewCreativeSpot, i feature creative collaborations that i find to be cool and definitely worth a shout out. I recently collaborated with creative duo, the Tobias Brothers for a new promo shoot for my Gold Khromo Earphones. This collaboration was an impromptu one but it worked out great!

The Tobias brothers, Rory and Cailin are based in Cape Town and are well known for their eclectic shoot style. Rory thrives in front of a camera and Cailin does his thing capturing it all. Cailin’s shoot style goes beyond men’s street fashion documentation and is more a delivery of the emotion and the story that he is trying to depict in his images.

Rory Tobias for Gold Khromo Earphones by Urban Enzo
Get Lost In The Music With Gold Khromo Earphones

From the selection of the shoot location, to focal points of the product and then feeding off Rory’s skill to model, this creative duo definitely have ‘The Juice’.

Gold Khromo Earphones By Urban Enzo
Designed using unique materials such as ceramic, mesh and metal elements.

Their work is starting to gain some serious momentum, and it’s very much well-deserved.

Rory Tobias for Gold Khromo Earphones by Urban Enzo
Follow @GoldKhromo Earphones on Twitter. Model: Rory Tobias

Rory models in such a way that’ll inspire you to take it up at least four notches in your own photos.

The recognition that the Tobias Brothers are getting is only the beginning of what’s definitely to come. Keep up with them on Instagram with the hashtag #CTPhotography and also on their pages @RoryTobias and @Mr_CTPhotography. You can also see their work at
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  • rorytobias January 13, 2016 3:31 pm

    Thank you for all your support. This is such an inspiring post. Your help and encouragement is highly appreciated!

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