My Social Media Week In Gifs

Social Media is a fun place to be but this past week was an interesting one. Here is my week on social media as shown in GIFs.

1. When someone you know and have spoken to on more than three occasions, unfollows you on Instagram.

Unsubcribes make me sad

2. When i follow a hot somebody and they follow me back.

3. Now, we know that hashtags are great for categorizing your posts, finding and jumping into conversations and reaching new audiences.  But you guys really need to chill. Too much of anything is bad. Piling on the hashtags will either convolute the message you’re trying to get across or make it look like you’re desperately in need of followers.


4. The face you make after having a shitty day and then getting a customer complaint via the brands Twitter account late in the evening.

5. When i catch people talking about Social Media.

6. Basically the theme for 2016!

When she sets the agenda.

7. When i found out how much South African YouTubers are charging brands for collaborations.

8. When i think about how savage this tweet was..













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