My Social Media Week In Gifs

1. When i saw two brands using the words “Bae” and “Cav”. Trying to fit in and be down so bad and its not cool. Really not cool. Make it stop!

Every time a brand used the #neverforget hashtag:

2. Me, thanking people for rocking my #GoldKhromo earphones. Shop for yours here.

3. Me, judging bloggers/influencers for brand hopping.


4. Trying to explain your job to your friends and family is like rocket science.

26 Signs You Work In Social Media

You: I run social media for [insert brand]
Friend: But what does that mean?
You: I run the Facebook and Twitter pages for [insert brand]
Friend: So you basically tweet all day? I could do that.
You: *Resists the urge to punch friend in face*

5. That amazing feeling when you can think in 140 characters and less OR when you can summarize to fit the 140 character count and still make perfect sense.

6. When this is you at any given moment.

26 Signs You Work In Social Media

7. When someone is new in the game and acts like a know-it-all.

8. When you see someone you know on Tinder.

10. Leaving the office on Friday like…

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