My Social Media Week GIFs

It has been a weird week. There’s just so much going on and to a point i felt seriously overwhelmed. Here’s a few Social Media feels i had this week as shown in GIFs.

1. Me, when i see someone have a hot comeback or defend the brand on our behalf

2. When i see blogger rate cards and i’m like….jokes or what?

3. Just before hitting send on a mail that goes out to hundreds of people.

Sending emails are scary

4. That great feeling of achieving amazing milestones. KPI’s for 2015 achieved in 6 months.  All brands verified, engagement levels knocked out the park and over over 700k fan growth. What now?


5. Me, waiting for you to deliver on what we agreed upon.

6. I don’t entertain conversations about my personal life. It’s not up for discussion, don’t get involved, mind your business.  #GAHDAMBIT sometimes my personal tweets are not up for discussion. Okay, let me chill. I just had to make that very clear!

frustrated animated GIF

7. When Facebook decided to add a new feature that tracks your response times. It even gives you a rating for how fast you respond to inbox messages.

kristen wiig animated GIF

8.  When i hear a conversation about social media that i am not included in.

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