Marie Claire Naked Issue In Support Of The Burn Foundation Of South Africa

Marie Claire Naked event

For those of you who know me personally would know that i avidly support the Burn Foundation Of South Africa.  The Burn Foundation of South Africa is a national Public Benefit organisation providing support for burn prevention and burn survivor rehabilitation. The foundation works on developing programmes for prevention and assist those who have suffered severe burn trauma with their recovery. Majority of burn survivors suffer from insecurity and low self esteem and lack of confidence due to their appearance resulting from burn trauma.

In 2012, Marie Claire teamed up with Ford, Bio Oil and South African celebrities in a campaign called  “Marie Claire Naked Campaign 2012“. The aim of the celebrity naked photo shoot was to support the Burn Foundation Of South Africa by creating awareness on the foundation and burn prevention and by showing survivors that they can be comfortable in their own skin and this was done by celebrities showing their vulnerability by being naked.

The project was further amplified by hosting a launch gala event which saw a bunch of celebrities and people in attendance. The shoot images were blown up to be life sized and were on display at the venue. Money collected from tickets to the event was handed over to the foundation.

Generations stars Marie Claire SA

This was one inspirational campaign. A big thank you to Marie Claire for providing the platform for the Burn Foundation to raise awareness on a problem that no so many people know about. Kudos to Ford, Bio Oil and the amazing celebrities.

Greg Hammond

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