Lies On Instagram…. #Busted

It’s sad that folks create fantasy lifestyles to impress internet strangers and friends (who couldn’t care less). This is our reality in today’s IG Like-obsessed society. People feel the need to lie and live fake lives in order to stay relevant. I don’t get it. If you are living it up then yeah showcase, but if you are not then do not embarrass yourself by living a lie. We will catch on!

Here are some classic examples of folks being busted for living a lie on IG.






I find this one in particular hilarious. Why? I have actually dealt with this person in the past. Her picture is the second one below. Stolen from ReturnOfThelack’s IG account.

And also seen by the same account, you can also fake a location on Twitter using There is also an app called Mappr for faking a Instagram location. Man, all this effort for what exactly?

Why the lies!


1eeedPhoto by thatcherryfield


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