Gold Khromo Promo Shoot

Gold Khromo Earphones by Urban Enzo

I recently launched my own earphone product called Gold Khromo by Urban Enzo and it has been doing so well.  It has always been my dream to launch my own product and to go into the electronics business. If you know me well, you will know how obsessed i am with music. Music is my therapy and my favourite companion. As mentioned in my previous post on Gold Khromo, I’ve always been critical as to how i listen to music, so that is why i decided to create a product that will allow people to enjoy music the way i do and that will also make them look good while doing so. This was one of my biggest dreams and it’s finally here and i am so happy to be sharing it with you all.

I did a promo shoot with Tegan Smith from Tegan Smith Photography and model Mercedes Patience in the trendy area of Parkhurst in Johannesburg. I wanted the shoot to be natural and to be shot in street style format, so no studio and big lights. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

You can get your pair of Gold Khromo right here on the site at the Shop section.

Listen In Style!

Gold Khromo earphones by Urban Enzo

Gold Khromo earphones by Urban EnzoGold Khromo earphones by Urban Enzo

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