#FordGoFurther And #MustangParty Hashtag Success

No amount of GIFs will ever make up for how insane 17 July was. It was the day we have all been waiting for, the day we worked hard for- The Ford South Africa #FordGoFurther event and #MustangParty.

It all happened on the same day at Sandton Convention Centre with almost 800 media and Dealers in attendance. The Go Further event was an exhibition of Fords vehicle line up, a conference which focused on vehicle reveals and Fords plan for the future, a dealer dinner and the spectacular that was my #MustangParty.

I decided to keep the hashtag’s simple. It was #FordGoFurther and #MustangParty for the evening media party. It basically tells you exactly what it is and keeps the brand top of mind.

What were the results like?

Well, we trended 5 times on Twitter that day. The event was also a trending topic for 9 hours and both tags received over 1300 tweets and over 1.5 million reach!

Twitter   Search   trends of south africa

And yes, this was my reaction:

jimmy fallon animated GIF

then this

dancing animated GIF

Then my boss did this:

smile animated GIF

So i was like:

community animated GIF

Thanks to all the media, bloggers, influencers and everyone who tweeted, Instagrammed and engaged in  the conversation.


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