The Five Best Super Bowl 2017 Ads

The Five Best Super Bowl 2017 Ads

If there is one thing I am dying to know, it is how much money a Super Bowl ad costs to produce? What I do know, is that a lucrative advertising slot at the Super Bowl is a huge investment for brands looking to benefit from the millions of viewers that tune in to watch the game. It was estimated that over 112 million people watch the Super Bowl.

My favourite ads are:

Brand: Kia

Ad: Hero’s Journey starring my favourite, Melissa McCarthy

Brand: AirBnB

Ad: We Accept- AirBnB is about acceptance and love, no matter where you come from.

Brand: Budweiser

Ad: Born The Hardway – I love how it focused on overcoming diversity and persevering. it tells the story about how Adolphus Busch (founder of the Busch brewing company) immigrated to the US from Germany in the 1800s.

Brand: Ford

Ad: Go Further – Ford is really going places! From self-driving cars, electric vehicles and bike sharing, life will be easier, faster and better than before!

Brand: Mr Clean

Ad: Sexy Mr Clean. I liked the humour in this ad. Well done!

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