#Fiestagram Has Come To An End!


It is a few weeks after the Fiestagram competition and i am still in awe of how successful this social media campaign was. I am so proud of myself and my team involved for pulling off this one of a kind campaign that was a first for the South African social media market. The hard work put into was all worth it when i handed over the keys to the brand new Fiesta to the winner, Reginald Sedibe. The look on his face was that of utter joy and appreciation.


For those who do not know what #Fiestagram was, here is a quick breakdown:

#Fiestagram was an Instagram-inspired competition which encouraged the public to photographically interpret themes related to the new Ford Fiesta’s features. Each week a winner was decided by our awesome judges Liam Lynch, Tamara Dey, and I See A Different You. The competition spanned over three months. It began in November 2012 and culminated in the Fiestagram Instwalk&Drive (which you can see in one of my previous posts), which took place in and around Cape Town on 8 February.

Out of 5 168 photographs, and 779 e-cards created using images submitted to the Fiestagram competition, the eight finalists were chosen to compete in the Instawalk challenge held on 8 February; the results of which were on display at The Woodstock Exchange in Cape Town until 25 February, in an exhibition curated by photographer Liam Lynch.

In addition to the strict judging criteria that included participation in various challenges and the generation of interest for hashtag #Fiestagram24 on social media channels, Twitter and Instagram, the Fiestagram judges and I nominated Reginald Sedibe’s photograph as the winner.

This campaign did so well on social and i am most proud of the high engagement levels and increase in numbers received from it.

It was a pleasure choosing and meeting all of the finalists. I have never met such a nice bunch of people in a while. A big congratulations to the winner Reginald- his creativity was absolutely mind blowing.

Oh and high five to myself for being a game changer in the social media world and a great job to all involved.

Check out the awesome Fiestagram video to see this whole campaign:

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