Fashion – The Baseball Cap

Fashion – The Baseball Cap

First developed by the Brooklyn Excelsiors in 1860, the baseball cap became widely popular by 1900 and has over the years been seen in the overall attire of baseball players. It has now however developed into many variations of style and has become a popular men’s fashion item to own.

A baseball cap either comes ‘fitted’ with a plastic, Velcro or elastic adjuster, which allows the cap to adapt to the wearer’s head size.

This type of hat was the ideal match to tie-dye T-shirts and baggy jeans in the 1990’s, but recent seasons have seen the style work its way into various modern urban fashion.

For a contemporary streetwear look, try wearing solid coloured longline tees or vests in preferably black/white, slim jeans/joggers, and a pair of sick sneakers. Alternatively, opt for a plain colour baseball cap and combine it with a shirt and some tailored shorts. Stay clear from ones with heavy bold prints on them. Bright coloured ones like yellow and green are not easy to the eye, so don’t go for those. Keep it simple and you will look great!

Men's Snapback/Baseball Cap Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

In the notion of caps, i recently received these baseball streetwear caps from model and creative, Rory Tobias from Decked with lyrics from my favourite artist, Drake.These cool urban caps make for bold yet stylish statement pieces to go with any street style look.The ones below are once off pieces, which are are great to add to your accessory collection. I kept it simple by wearing solid coloured T-shirts from Cotton On to compliment the look.


   Image source: My Instagram @UrbanEnzo


My shopping suggestions: Bershka has a few cool solid coloured ones on sale.Also, check out @AnnoyedYouth – a new brand on the block with a selection of rad caps to offer.

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