#AdventuresOfTheLoneBoyTraveller in Mozambique, Africa

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Day 2 and 3 of 7: The night spent at Barra was something different. A rustic chalet called a Casita is what i stayed in. The thatch roof had a cool breeze blowing through. Luckily it was not cold out. The white mosquito net covering the surrounding of my bed sent triggers of paranoia as my mind filled with thoughts of malaria infected mosquitos that would invade my space. Next day: I woke up alive! And survived my first night roughing it out in Mozambique- Africa. I spent my morning soaking up the sun on the beach then i remembered that i still dont have one of my bags. Its still in South Africa on a plane or at the airport. I got dressed and took a bus to the airport. I arrived back at Inhambane airport and my bag has still not arrived. With the realisation sinking in that i may never get my bag back again i then set off to my next stop- PainDane Lodge. “Another rustic place” was my first thought as i arrived. This place is right on the hilly beach where the sea is populated by Whales as they showoff by jumping and making splashes with the sea water. The view was absolutely breathtaking. Majestic was an understatement for the beauty of this coastline and sea dwellers. The next few days i headed down south. I travelled to another province called Xai-Xai and stayed at a beach lodge that was insanely cool. I spent most of my time on the beach, swimming and drinking a local Rum mixture that consisted of local rum and Sparletta. After spending two days in Xai-Xai i then travelled down to Maputo- the capital city of Mozambique. A city with a nice vibe and beautiful people. As with every city i visit, i make sure that i walk the city streets and explore. As brave as i am with no worry on my mind, i did just that. I can now say that i officially explored Mozambique and loved it! By Adventures Of The Lone Boy Traveller

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