Ciara’s “Body Party” (Plus Her Bathroom Acappella Version)


Ciara just released the full version of her newest single “Body Party.”  Check out the sexy track, plus see how she belts out the chorus acapella style in her bathroom in Paris….

Just a few days ago, Ciara dropped a snippet and her nude single cover for “Body Party.”  The track appears on her upcoming EPIC records album One Woman Army.  And as a follow up to her “Sweat” single, the hot singer/dancer tapped her boyfriend, rapper Future, to help her co-write the song.

She gushed about him and why this song was a good description of their relationship.

“If you listen closely, you can [hear him],” she says in one interview.”Let’s just say that this record came out of a very sincere place,” Ciara says of working with Future. “I think when things just organically feel right, naturally good things come from it.”

You can hear his adlibs in the background.  She then continues to say this about her bf:

“He’ s such an amazing, creative person,” she continues. “I can be very creatively expressive myself, but there’s nothing like being able to work with someone that can bring a new flavor. What I like about working with him, it’s almost like I got to learn more things about myself.”

The legend that is “Mike Will Made It” produced “Body Party”. Her album, One Woman Army will hit shelves in June. Lets hope it sells cause her last one was pap.

By the way, before Ciara rolled to the Givenchy afterparty dinner in Paris last night, she went into the bathroom and belted out the chorus.  No background music:

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