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Following a successful launch in July 2013, 24/7 online TV channel, AlternaTV, has teamed up with producer and actor, Justin Carter, and his super crew in Hollywood to bring the online TV series, Breaking & Entering, to AlternaTV viewers.  Breaking & Entering is a comedy series about three friends seeking to enter Hollywood by breaking their backs working as assistants in the entertainment industry. The storyline centres on Michael, Sam, and Frankie who represent the nameless, faceless, personal assistants toiling away in the Hollywood machine working for celebrities, powerful producers, actors, and directors. Each episode is based on actual experiences as told by real-life assistants to some of Hollywood’s biggest and most famous names; famous names which you and I are VERY familiar with.  Episode one is officially available for viewing on

AlternaTV has teamed up with Breaking & Entering in order to give the AlternaTV fans fresh, funny, affordable and relevant content on a very accessible platform that they can share, for free, with their friends and family. Breaking & Entering is hilarious; it’s awkward; it’s embarrassing; it’s fresh; and it has mass audience appeal. Our viewership figures have far surpassed what we hoped for when the channel went live. In just under two months, we’ve had over 150 000 hits to the site, with over 30 000 of those being unique hits- and this shows us that people like the content we’re putting out, and they keep coming back for more.

AlternaTV is becoming popular in the web series community in America because there are many content creators looking for a similar platform to be created in the Unites States that can provide content directly to their audience. South African viewer tendencies are very similar to that of Americans- with a population that has proven to be very passionate about television, and it is essential to provide content for them 24/7. AlternaTV fills this need. We knew AlternaTV was the perfect platform for Breaking & Entering because we figured that the South African audience is interested in all different kinds of content.

“The overall message of Breaking & Entering is that ‘the little guys’ do matter, and nobody can stop you from fighting for your dreams- not even the Hollywood celebrity you work for whose dirty underwear you’re washing,” Carter added.

The first episode of Breaking & Entering is officially available to view on and AlternaTV fans will be able to catch a new episode every Monday for eight weeks. All of the episodes will also be available 24/7 on the AlternaTV on-demand section.

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