My Life As That Social Media Guy

When people start complaining and spamming on a brands Facebook page.

When i see a hashtag i created doing well.
When other social media people and competitor brands feel threatened by me.
Bloggers (no comment) .
When people ask me “But what is Social Media really? Like, is it Facebook and Twitter?”
Me to some people.
When something goes wrong. E.g a spelling mistake (It never happens but when it does)
When I’m reading spam comments on my pages.
When I tell people I don’t check my Instagram before I’ve even opened both eyes.
When I come out of a 4 hour meeting and haven’t been able to check Twitter/Facebook/Email/My phone.
When i see that engagement levels on a brand page i work on is high.

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  • sandynene April 22, 2013 1:12 pm

    LOL, i really relate to this post i must say! haha

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