Luanda, Angola. The Most Expensive City In The World

I have mentioned numerous times about my desire to visit more African countries this year as part of my #AdventuresOfTheLoneBoyTraveller expeditions. I have been reading about countries such as Angola  and the news was both good and bad. I was interested in knowing why Angola’s capital city, Luanda is the most expensive city in the world and how people manage to survive if the expense of living is that mind blowing.

I booked my flight and arrived on the 2 June. Upon arrival, officials demanded that i show my Yellow Fever certificate in order to gain entry into the country. I showed them my card and passport and i was allowed to go through customs. I traveled with a small carry on bag. No extra luggage as you all know what happened to me when i visited Mozambique some time back. As soon as i stepped out of the airport and into my taxi, i was immediately stuck in traffic. The traffic was horrible, far worse than Johannesburg could ever be. I looked out of the car window and i could see that Luanda is still a developing country. Buildings needed serious TLC. Roads need to be built.

It took me 2 hours to get to the hotel. I stayed in Luanda soul, the nice part of town in Talatona. There is an evident difference between poor and wealthy in this country.

I spent my days exploring and nearly dying of shock every time i saw how much things cost. $7 for a damn Coca-cola! $32 for a prego roll and R3600 for dinner i had one night.

It was also blistering hot despite it being winter. So hot that i even got sick the one day with the most excruciating migraine. I think it was that bad because i forgot to pack my deodorant, so i had to borrow cologne from a guy who is on hotel staff. Bad decision that was, as his cologne was so strong that my underarms were literally burning.  Man, i tell you i was near death that day. The strong smell coming from me backed up by the heat, gave me a headache i will never forget. Luckily i dragged myself to the mall to get migraine tablets which helped. Lesson learned- make sure you pack everything!

The rest of my trip was great. I bom dia’d left and right, the whole time. I obrigado’d for everything. It was amazing!

Anyway, it was great to visit Angola. It was a great introduction to Africa.

Here are some pics i took:




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