Beyonce Mrs Carter Show- London O2 Arena

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After Queen B’s surprise album drop last December that left us all astound and ladies in a frenzy and after her announcing that she will be bringing her Mrs Carter World Tour back, i had to show my appreciation and see this legend in the flesh. Her world tour by no surprise, did not include South Africa. I don’t know why we always get left out. She announced tour dates all around Europe and with my desire to take #AdenturesOfTheLoneBoyTraveller to the EU region i booked to see her in London at the O2 arena on 1st March.

Tickets got sold out in 5 minutes- no joke.

Luckily the date was perfect, as i planned a European trip around the same time. I stayed at the King Williams Hotel in Greenwhich area just 10 minutes away from the O2 Arena. The day came and i made sure i looked fly, as i knew girls would be in a abundance. I also went early so that i could be right in front in the #BeyHivePit. “I need to get my tickets worth”, was what i told myself as i stood and waited for what was literally hours.

And then she finally came on and it was fire- the best show ever.

Now, i’m not a crazy Beyonce fan, i just like her music. Do not get it twisted now.

Here’s some Instagram clips i took:

and then JayZ came on during Drunk In Love

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