Out at Lady Gaga with 5FM

5FM and 4th Street Wines recently invited me as a vip guest to the Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball. I’m not a Gaga fan but hey, i went.

The invite came with an indemnity form which i found quite surprising. Guess they don’t want a Linkin Park and Lucozade situation happening.

The 4th Street and 5FM vip suites were insane looking. Lavish throughout! The exclusive hospitality really helped with the long wait we had to endure for Gaga to come on stage.

I must say that she is a performer of note! She came out with a horse and out of a vagina- who does that?

As i am enjoying my 4th Street sweet rose, she stops during one of her songs and says “i am not a man, i am not a woman, i am not a human. I am here to take over the South African government”. Whoa!!!

A big thanks to 5FM and 4th Street wine though.




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  • Arlene Pillay December 12, 2012 9:34 am

    I feel like shes nuts. I heard something about a black Jesus being involved in the show. Rather disturbing stuff.

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