13 signs that you need a holiday

13 signs that you need a holiday

No matter what your job is; be it lawyer, waiter, housewife, digital consultant or anything else – you need to take a holiday every once in a while. But if you’re working hard it can sometimes be hard to recognise when you’re starting to get frazzled. Take a look at our 13 signs that you need a holiday – if you’re exhibiting any of these symptoms, it’s time to book a break!

  • You’ve got more left-over holiday allowance than Twitter followers.
    There is a reason that companies give their employees a holiday allowance – it’s because you work best when you take a rest every once in a while.
  • You’ve started staring enviously at your friend’s peeling shoulders.
    If the faded memory of a tan has you feeling jealous – it could be time to book a flight to some place sunny.
  • You plan weekend picnics in the park, and refuse to cancel; whatever the weather.
    Yes, eating sandwiches on the grass would be a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning… If it wasn’t 12°C and raining.
  • You’re taking vitamin D tablets.

Sunshine; it makes you happy, and it keeps you healthy. If you’ve recognised that you’re not getting enough sunshine and you need to take supplements to make up for it – warning sign!

 You’ve started to use your summer t-shirts as pyjamas, just to get them out of the wardrobe.

  • If your summer wardrobe’s taken up a permanent residence in your bottom drawer it’s time to start thinking about booking a flight somewhere tropical.
  • Your boss has seen you working overtime, and instead of patting you on the back they told you to go home.
    A good work ethic is nothing to be ashamed of, but if even your colleagues are recognising that you are working too hard, you’re well overdue a break.
  • You’re contemplating going on holiday with your parents.

If you’re thinking about gate-crashing someone else’s trip away, you definitely need to book some time off.

You’ve started to un-friend everyone you know on social media who posts holiday snaps.

  • If the sight of people you like and love enjoying themselves on holiday in the sunshine makes you tut and roll your eyes, that jealousy is taking a negative turn.
  • You’ve started dreading Monday morning on Friday night.
    When the weekend has become nothing more than a bookmark in-between weeks of work, and you’ve started to get depressed about Monday morning on Friday night – you are probably over stressed.
  • Your dreams are filled with tropical beaches and sunny days.
    Freud said that many dreams were wish fulfilment. If you’ve started dreaming about digging your toes in the sand and listening to the waves lap the shore – your subconscious is telling you to start looking at flights.
  • Someone tapped you on the shoulder to offer you a seat on public transport and you nearly bit their finger off.
    If your first reaction to unexpected or surprising things is anger or aggression, you have too much on your plate. You are not too busy to take a holiday. You will be doing everyone (including yourself) a favour.
  • Your headaches are more regular than the bus service.
    Your eyes are strained, your head aches and your back hurts all the time. These are classic signs of tension and being overworked. Taking a break will help you regroup and refresh.
  • You are constantly tired, no matter how much sleep you get.
    It’s time to catch up on some sleep and let yourself relax! Book a trip somewhere exotic, you’ll come back feeling much more energised.

 Tick off more than five points on this list? Take it from me, it’s time to get away. So put your phone on silent, close down that email tab, and start doing some research for your next holiday.



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