10 Things I’ve Learned Living On My Own

Living on my own for the past three years has taught me a lot.

1. How to appreciate a home cooked meal, prepared by someone. I miss my mom’s cooking and coming home to a tasty plate of food.

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2. Understanding now why my mother used to complain and shout about wasting water and putting on lights that don’t need to be on. Bills!!

3. What a drag cleaning can be and how important it is.

4. Why being loud is unnecessary.

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5. How expensive groceries are.

6. Not to waste milk and Colgate toothpaste.

7. Why a full DSTV bouquet is not the best option because of how expensive it is.

8. What a mission cooking is and how much effort goes into it. Also, i have no clue what to do when it comes to cooking.

9. How great it feels to be in my own space and knowing that it is mine and that other people should respect it and not break or get rid of my stuff.

10. Living on my own has taught me how to budget and to understand that everything my mom has said or shouted me about when i was living with them was for a valid reason…

Moving out of my family home was a big step and it was something that i needed to do. I don’t regret it one bit. Breaking out of my comfort zone was the only way i could grow in all spheres of life. I sometimes miss living back home but i don’t think I could.  I like my space and growth as a man.

Till we blog again!


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