10 Steps To Be A Better Person

I am writing this post, to reflect on this year and to hopefully inspire. I’ve noticed how short life can be and i fear that we are in our last days. Not to creep you out or anything but look at what’s happening around the world. People are dying like flies and most are suffering. It’s a real thing.

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When i look back at this year i had, i can’t help but feel grateful to God for how far i have come. The blessings that i have been fortunate enough to have and the opportunities that came into my life. I can’t thank Him enough. Now don’t get me wrong, there were bad times but i will focus on the good that these months have brought me.

  • I managed to travel to a new place every month since the beginning of the year. I enjoyed an amazing birthday in Thailand.
  • I bought a house! 🙂
  • I got promoted.
  • I still have my family with me and i have grown in my faith and mindset.
  • I realized the power of God and prayer and I saw the results of hard work.
  • I am also grateful that i have been given the chance to make my parents proud and the opportunity to inspire others.

Here are 10 things i focused on this year to be a better person:
1. I put down my wish-list for 2014 and published them on Social Media. Putting my plans and aspirations into the universe.
2. Let life be. I have learnt not to expect anything from anyone or anything.
3. Pray daily
4. Appreciate family. I told each one of them how much i love them
5. Plan plan plan. Everything!! My moves were always strategic and always came from a good place.
6. Forgive and Forget
7. Know your worth
8. Seek respect and give respect to everyone
9. Be nice to people and be even nicer to the ones who hate you. They hate it.
10. Align yourself with the right people and be different.



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  • fashionistact November 13, 2014 5:16 pm

    Love the post.Pray God continues to bless you! keep up the amazing work.

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