10 Mistakes Done On Social Media + GIF Reactions

10 Mistakes Done On Social Media + GIF Reactions

Many people working in Social Media don’t realize that they are making small mistakes with their own brand’s social media every day. While these small mistakes may slip past your notice, they do create a poor experience for your audience and over time can devalue your audience’s perception of your brand.

To help you remember the human element of a social media mistake, I’ve put together a list of social media mistakes to avoid and also included a GIF reaction to each one. (i freaking love GIFS)

Mistake #1: You’re posting too much

Social Media- Posting too much

Your audience is exposed to thousands of messages each day. Don’t flood their news feeds with unnecessary posts. Keep your postings to a few times each day. This is enough to get you noticed and won’t make your brand look like an incessant inconvenience.

Mistake #2: You’re only talking about yourself

Social Media- Talking About Yourself

No matter how great your company is, your audience has other interests outside of you and how awesome your products and services are. They want you to focus on their wants and needs and deliver real value to them on your social channels. Make sure you aren’t being self-centered.

Mistake #3: You’re being too promotional

Social Media- Too Promotional

Just as your audience doesn’t like hearing about only you all the time, they don’t want to be sold to constantly, either. Social media is a great channel to run promotions and feature special offers, but keep the selling to a reasonable volume.

Mistake #4: You’re posting the same thing on every channel

Social Media- Posting the same thing

Although it’s easy to blast out the same update on every channel, you need to mix it up. If all your posts are the same, there is no incentive for consumers to follow you on multiple channels. Play to the strengths of each social channel.

Mistake #5: You’re not staying up to date

Social Media- Not staying up to date

Social media platforms change fast. You should always have an ear to the ground for changes to design, terms of use, and new features. Brands that truly stand out on social media are those that stay on the cutting edge of their platforms.

Mistake #6: Your social profile designs are outdated

Just like your website, the look and feel of your social media profiles are important. If your Twitter background hasn’t been updated since you joined the platform in 2008, it’s time for a refresh. Make sure that you stay relevant with an attractive header image and a crisp version of your logo for your profile picture.

Mistake #7: You’re making spelling and grammar mistakes

Social Media- Spelling Mistakes

Although social media platforms like Twitter require you to be concise in your writing, making spelling and grammar mistakes can make you look unpolished and unprofessional. Be sure to proof all of your posts before you publish.

Mistake #8: You’re broadcasting, not engaging

Social Media- Not engaging

Social media is meant to be a conversation. You can certainly share and promote your content, but you should be engaging as well. If a look at your Twitter timeline shows only broadcasted tweets and no retweets or @ replies, there’s a problem. Thank people for their likes and shares and respond to comments and all messages.

Mistake #9: You’re trying to handle customer service issues only through social media

Social Media- Customer service

Social media is a great channel for customer engagement, but some issues should be handled privately. While Twitter or Facebook may be the perfect place for a customer to initiate a complaint or submit a service request, you don’t want those channels to become inundated with only troubleshooting communications. Make sure you have a workflow for social media complaints or potential sales leads.

Mistake #10: You don’t have a plan

Social Media- No Plan

Although it’s fun, social media requires planning and strategy, just like any other marketing channel. If your content is being posted at random hours of the day and night and from an inconsistent brand voice and tone, you probably don’t have a plan. You should understand your goals and how you plan to pursue them before you even start on social media.

You could make or break a brand! I strongly feel that brands should be critical when appointing a Social Media Manager to be the online voice for their brand- it should be someone who understands social and who is on it daily. It is a fun job but it is extremely hectic! Okay now,  that is my 2 cents.

If you don’t already follow me on Social Media, you can find me on Twitter at @UrbanEnzo.

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