Mad At Our Youth And Sad For The Elderly

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We all have those days, where it starts off great and ends in this major anticlimax. I had one of those this past weekend, where the day started great but as life shows us who is in control with unfortunate events we are just left to wonder why, we are left to pick up the pieces. I was at a police station on Saturday night, arrived there at about 6pm after i heard that my big brother got arrested for a DUI. Alcohol limit in South Africa is at 0.05% and he was a little over due to having drinks at a friends birthday lunch that day.

Concerned and frustrated that this has happened, my parents and my 3 other siblings rushed to the police station. They locked him up and informed us that he is having a asthma attack. I think it was probably a panic attack but nonetheless i feared for him. The look on my parents faces was something i wish to never put them through or see again; they look sad, stressed and full of fear. I felt angry that he put them in that situation but then i panicked knowing that his asthma is really bad and he could die because of this situation.

I mean no one wants to be jail right, no one wants to put their parents through such trauma and distress? No, i was wrong. While standing and waiting for almost 8 hours at the police station, i saw numerous elderly mothers and fathers distraught and scared for their sons. Sons who are on drugs or have been caught up with violence, men who have robbed or killed. Men who have robbed their families of joy and peace, all because of their actions which they could have controlled.

I still cant get over the teary eyed mothers, clenching their fists between their legs or seeing fathers lower their heads in shame and worry. What did these elderly folks do to deserve this pain and stress in their lives, especially at this stage. They should have been home, in bed and not there on those cold benches, waiting to be attend to at 1pm.

Then i got angry. Angry at the world, angry at my brother for making this ridiculous choice and angry at our youth for their decisions.

I also think the South African Police system is so unnecessary and in need of serious adjustments. They need to be more helpful and they need to lose their attitudes. I also think that young men should reevaluate their lives often. Drugs is not the option, violence is not the only answer and that hurting the innocent who are undeserving of being hurt should come to a stop.

Prison is not a pleasant place and it’s not just hurtful to you who goes but hurtful to the people around you that care about you. It affects us all.


Travel Solo, Do It


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I often get told that i am crazy for even thinking of travelling alone. I was told by various family members, friends, and acquaintances that it was unsafe for me to travel alone, that I’d be bored without someone to talk to, and that I’d probably get lost and be a victim of crime.

Thankfully, none of that happened and i always end up having a great time- alone. Exploring, doing new things and living life!

Here is why you should try it:

1. You can live on your own schedule

There’s no need to worry about when everyone plans to get up, agree on a time for meals or decide on a time to go out and then get angry when someone lags behind and you lose time. You are the boss. If you want to sleep in, stay out late, or grab a bite on the go in lieu of a sit down meal, you can. You don’t have to live by anyone’s schedule.

2. You can go anywhere you want to

Not only do you not have to worry about other people’s schedules, you also don’t have to worry about their preferences. Traveling with friends or family means a lot of compromises. There isn’t always the time or interest in going where you want to. Going solo means you can visit anywhere that your heart desires and you don’t have to spend time doing anything you don’t want to do.

3. Solitude is nice

I’m all for good conversation and fun company but it’s nice to be alone sometimes too. When you are in a new city, there’s so much to take in: the noises, the smells, the hustle of daily life, the ladies, the architecture, and all the little things too. You are given the chance to really take in everything happening around you without the distractions of a companion.

4. It’s good to be independent

When traveling with loved ones or with tour groups, there is always someone there to help you navigate your way through a new place. It’s really great to be able to do it all on your own with no assistance. You get to see things at your own pace. Much more fun doing it this way.

5. Meet new people

It is always great to meet new people and to experience the different cultures and way of life that is very different to yours.

As you set off to enjoy a trip to wherever, take the time to consider a solo trip of your own. It may be scary and intimidating at first, as new things often are, but you’ll be surprised how relaxing and empowering it can be when out there on your own.

My Social Media Week In GIFs

This was every Community Manager today on 1st September, Spring Day in South Africa. #Original


When Facebook wants me to download the Iphone Facebook message app when i try to reply to my inbox messages.

When my post gets low engagement.


Dealing with a troll on Facebook and Twitter.


When someone hot follows me on Instagram.




The 2014 MTV VMAs GIFS

The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards was a jammed packed show which had tons of epic moments, good laughs and WTFs! Here is a GIF recap of the #VMAS if you have missed it!

Blue Ivy was cheering her momma on!

blue ivy

Nicki was shaking things up with her Anaconda single animated GIF

Kylie Jenner is waiting for her appearance fee.

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Okay Usher, we get it!

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Taylor Swift was trying to be ‘down’ so bad.

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Nicki Minaj came busting out on stage. Epic wardrobe malfunction or what! animated GIF

King Beyonce gave a 15 minute performance.

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Then the best moment of the night was when Blue Ivy and Mr Carter congratulated B. Goals folks Goals!

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Major News For Me!!

I have been observing and admiring the lives of smart business savvy men in SA. The ones you see in Destiny Magazine  (buy the mag one day and see).  People that i can learn from, you know. I then came across an article regarding home ownership, the joys that come with it and the capital one can make from investing in property. It was all so interesting, i had to find out more. So i stalked the pages of Private Property and i read shit loads of articles about home investment and first time home buying.  It looked scary but rewarding in the long run.

Is it the right time, is the market stable and in the right place? Can i afford it? What if i am making a big mistake? This was all i could think about, but i wanted in. I want to invest in property.

The search began for a reasonable first time home. After a few months, i finally saw a good value for money home and i made the decision that it will be mine. The process was long and hard to get the house on my name. I signed what looked like hundreds of documents, learned new things about housing that i was not exposed to and i had to chunk out tons of  money to pay Transfer costs and Bond costs before taking ownership of my new house. I just typed “my new house” did i? I can’t believe it, its so exciting.


Main reason for getting involved in property?: Investment and to kick off a Property Portfolio but also because i see myself living in the property i just bought.

Dreaming big here people. I took the the first step, i took a risk.  Hope it all works out, but let’s see.

This is me after receiving a notification that i am now a home owner:

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kanye west animated GIF


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Disclaimer: Now, location and all that is not important and knowing me, i would not share that info. Awkward, private person here.


Most of you have heard about the deadly Ebola Outbreak that has hit West Africa, right? The outbreak hit countries such as Liberia and Guinea and has now entered Nigeria. Really bad timing as i was planning a trip to Nigeria in September. My flights and hotel were all booked and i was ready to explore. This all had to be  cancelled when news broke that a Liberian man infected with the Ebola virus made his way into Lagos, Nigeria and collapsed at the Airport.

Ebola is so deadly and highly contagious that one can die within 48 hours of contracting the disease. Reports say that there are now,  1,779 cases and 961 deaths that have been counted. The outbreak is out of control and is getting worse.

Here are 10 basic tips to help educate you on how to protect yourself from the deadly virus.

1. Wash your hands regularly.

2. Sanitize your hands with at least 60% alcohol as often as possible when water is not available.

3. Do NOT eat bush meat most especially bats, monkeys, gorillas, forest antelope and porcupines. (This is how Ebola apparently started)

4. Watch where you eat and don’t eat meat unless you’re sure of the source.
5. If you choose to eat any animal products make sure it is thoroughly cooked.

6. Avoid sharing clothes with strangers.

7. Watch out for symptoms of Ebola such as fever, vomiting, diarrhea and bleeding around your neighborhood.

8. Avoid areas where an outbreak has been reported.

9. Report any unauthorized movement of corpses in your area especially those brought in from abroad.

10. Don’t touch or go near anyone who has been confirmed to have Ebola and if you absolutely must, then wear protective gloves.

I am disappointed that i won’t be seeing this amazing country that is Nigeria but i am even more sad for the number of people that are dying each day.

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Zaki Ibrahim ‘Draw The Line’ Music Video

Growing up as what she describes as a “citizen of the world,” singer-songwriter Zaki Ibrahim spent her childhood living at different times in Canada, South Africa, the United Kingdom, France and Lebanon. Currently based in Cape Town, she released her first full length album Every Opposite in 2012 and has now released a music video for one of the tracks on the album, Draw The Line.

“The draw the line story does show me, but not exactly. Coming from the Cape Flats and overcoming an environment with challenges such as poverty, drugs, sexual assault, and Post-Apartheid conditioning is no easy feat. Creating your own path and shining your light through adversity, taking everything that you’ve experienced and everything you are, is what the song is about.”- she says.

My Social Media Week In GIFs

When i read the news on #Twitter that another Malaysian plane crashed, a plane crashed in Taiwan, an Algeria plane crashed, Ebola outbreak killed nearly 700 in West Africa and that the war in Gaza is continuing, i did this.

funny animated GIF

When you receive a  mail from someone at agency and they don’t say Hi. Email Etiquette? Nah you disrespecting me.

RealityTVGIFs animated GIF

When you see a competitor copying the things you do and upping their game.


When the Social Bakers stats look good

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When a customer constantly complains even after you have helped them.






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