The Ford B-Max Facebook Reveal #SocialMedia

Social Media for me is all about trying new things and standing out from the rest.

The marketing team and i at Ford were tasked to come up with a creative way to reveal a new product to the market. I then had the great yet bold idea to do a launch on Facebook.

Concept: A Facebook reveal with a strong call to action to boost engagement and create excitement.

Idea: Ask for 20, 000 likes on a Facebook post to reveal all.

Concern: Facebook’s algorithm: The decline of organic reach of posts on the News Feed.

The post was:

“News Just In! There is a new Ford coming to SA. 20 000 likes on this post and we will reveal all!”

Ford South Africa B-Max Facebook Social Media Reveal by Ensly Dooms Urban Enzo

After 5 days of me being anxious, watching this post like a hawk and working on different ways to increase reach, i finally got what i wanted. Over 20 000 likes!!

These were the results.

Ford South Africa Social Media Facebook reval for B-mAX by Ensly Dooms Urban Enzo bmaxx

and this was the big reveal.. The Ford B-Max will be coming to SA.

Ford B-Max Concept

This was definitely one for the books. Here’s to taking more risks and having fun on social!

Travel Solo, Do It


life animated GIF

I often get told that i am crazy for even thinking of travelling alone. Family and friends think that it is unsafe for me to travel alone, that I’d be bored without someone to talk to and that I’d probably get lost and be a victim of crime.

Thankfully, none of that has happened and i always end up having a great time- alone. Exploring, doing new things and living life!

Here is why you should try it:

1. You can live on your own schedule

There’s no need to worry about when everyone plans to get up, agree on a time for meals or decide on a time to go out and then get angry when someone lags behind and you lose time. You are the boss. If you want to sleep in, stay out late, or grab a bite on the go in lieu of a sit down meal, you can. You don’t have to live by anyone’s schedule.

2. You can go anywhere you want to

Not only do you not have to worry about other people’s schedules, you also don’t have to worry about their preferences. Traveling with friends or family means a lot of compromises. There isn’t always the time or interest in going where you want to. Going solo means you can visit anywhere that your heart desires and you don’t have to spend time doing anything you don’t want to do.

3. Solitude is nice

I’m all for good conversation and fun company but it’s nice to be alone sometimes too. When you are in a new city, there’s so much to take in: the noises, the smells, the hustle of daily life, the ladies, the architecture, and all the little things too. You are given the chance to really take in everything happening around you without the distractions of a companion.

4. It’s good to be independent

When traveling with loved ones or with tour groups, there is always someone there to help you navigate your way through a new place. It’s really great to be able to do it all on your own with no assistance. You get to see things at your own pace. Much more fun doing it this way.

5. Meet new people

It is always great to meet new people and to experience the different cultures and way of life that is very different to yours.

As you set off to enjoy a trip to wherever, take the time to consider a solo trip of your own. It may be scary and intimidating at first, as new things often are, but you’ll be surprised how relaxing and empowering it can be when out there on your own.

My Social Media Week In GIFS

1. Me, after deciding to do a risky Facebook reveal and having everyone expect me to knock it out the park.

nervous animated GIF

2. When someone sends a business proposal via a brands DM or Facebook inbox.

movie animated GIF

3. When someone sends me something i saw a long time ago.


4. When i reply to a customer  and accidentally spell their name wrong


5. When i am by far the youngest person in a meeting at work.

6. When a person i don’t know or people i am corporate with add me as a friend on my personal Facebook. Btw. i have a page “Urban Enzo”.

7. When Twitter launched a new way to comment on tweets.

I&rsquo;ve had a few people request posts so if you have an idea you&rsquo;d like published, tweet your suggestion to me at @wswcsm ( or email me at<br /><br />
Hint: I check twitter WAY more often.

8. When i enjoyed the insane vibe of Coachella from the comfort of my couch all thanks to Snapchat and Periscope!

coachella animated GIF

9. When someone comments but does not like my Instagram photo.

10. All Community Managers.. Me, all the time!!!


The #NewFocusLaunch in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Launch number three for the year was for the new Ford Focus. The refreshed new Focus made its way to South Africa and it comes with an all EcoBoost line-up, cleaner dashboard and a host of smart features! The vehicle has won the title of Best Selling Nameplate and it was time to celebrate. Celebrate became the theme for the launch and what an insane celebration it was!

As usual, I wanted to do something different so i came up with the concept of having double the size of media attend the launch. The launch took place over 4 days in the  friendly city of Port Elizabeth in South Africa. A lavish hotel with amazing beach views and scenic ocean drives is what i wanted. I topped that with an insane boat party featuring DJ Fix from 5FM and a collaboration with Superga for my media gifts.

It was the biggest car launch i had to do in terms of number of media (flights etc) but i think i had a superb turnout and quality of attendees. It was a joy to have everyone attend, so thanks to all the bloggers, famous faces and media that came as far as Nigeria, Angola and Kenya  for the launch.

The hashtag for the launch was #NewFocusLaunch which has garnered 800+ Tweets on the day of launch!



Here is a look back at the Focus Launch in PE!

Ford Focus Launch South Africa



Get to know the new Ford Focus here!

Liesl Laurie is Miss South Africa 2015

 I am so proud and happy for our new Miss South Africa, Liesl Laurie! She called it, she knew that she would take the crown and she did and its all because of her positive outlook on life and her faith!  

The Twenty-four-year-old Liesl Laurie walked away with the crown at a glitzy ceremony at Sun City this evening. 

 The B.Comm graduate from Eldorado Park (my hometown) in Joburg has been a firm favourite from the start of the competition. 

 Well done, Liesl. Here’s to prospering and living your dream. 

The 10 Commandments For Working In Social Media

1. Thou shall not call oneself a guru!

2. Thou shalt engage with netizens at all times.

3. Thou shall also not think of content as king but the consumer as king.

4. Ugh i am tired of typing “Thou”. You will rely on measurement and you will focus on engagement the same way you focus on fan likes.


5. In my case, i try not to just focus on Social only but i focus on other parts of the business as well, such as integrating heavily with Marketing and PR. Thou shall do the same, it expands your portfolio and preps you for when you choose to leave this beloved field one day!

6. Thou shall create and nourish relationships with online influencers.

7. Thou shall’t not copy another brands work/concept/media but rather focus on being original.


8. You are not customer care. You are there to push people to customer care but you are not customer care. I am sure you have other things to focus on like creating rocking campaigns.

9. By all means, thou shall not delete a fans comment because you have a “i can’t deal with this right now” attitude.


10. Thou shall at all times remain humble! Mistakes can and will happen. So please, play nice at all times and have fun!


Exclusive: Liesl Laurie, Miss SA 2015 Finalist

With a number of modelling jobs under her name and now the recognition as one of the finalists in the Miss South Africa pageant, Liesl Laurie proves that dreams do come true. Not only is she extremely stunning, but she’s smart too and an inspiration to many. I sit down with her for lunch and here is what she has to say.
  1.       On her journey so far with Miss South Africa: 
My journey has been a beautiful blessing!  I have grown into a strong well rounded woman and I have met so many people that had sowed into my life. I cannot believe that we have almost reached the big day,  I will definitely miss all the ladies and the fun we have whilst travelling. We’ve become great friends and I trust that we will be a part of each other’s lives for years to come. The Miss SA journey is a great one and I encourage all young ladies to enter.
  1.       Besides modeling, what else are you passionate about? 
I am passionate about the youth of my community and also SA. I founded an NPO called The Pearl Project that aims to be a beacon of hope club for young girls in and around the Eldorado park area. I hope to sow into their lives and be a blessing to them in every way possible.  Being able to help where I can, gives me great joy!
  1.       How does it feel to be a role model to many young girls?
 It’s a wonderful feeling but also comes with alot of responsibility.  I feel truly blessed and honoured that young girls look up to me. I hope I inspire them to reach their goals and to always stay true to who they are. They are our future and they should never forget that they are special and favoured.
  1.       What else would people be surprised to know about you?
 (Giggles) that I am really 24 years old. People tend to think I’m 19 because of my tiny frame. I guess it will come in handy one day when I’m much older.

Urban Enzo and model Liesl Laurie

  1.       Your Social Media usage has increased as of late. What do you enjoy about being online now and which platform do you like best?
 I enjoy the fact that I can reach my young ladies on Facebook through inbox messages. I speak to many young girls this way and they know that can ask me anything and I will give them the necessary advice.
It’s also exciting to share my #MissSA2015 journey with my followers and friends, receiving all their lovely feedback and support keeps me going.
     6.     You’re at a magazine rack and can only pick three titles. Which ones do you choose?
Haha! Cosmopolitan. Woman’s health and the daily newspaper (The Star).
7.   You know I love travelling right, so I have to ask you this question. The city you wish to visit and why?
Greece!!! I’ve seen the setting of Greece on many movies and pictures and I would love to one day visit there. The mountains are beautiful and Athens is a city that reminds me of the beauty of love and life!
Catch Liesl Laurie on the final of the Miss South Africa pageant, 29 March at 17:30 on Mnet and Mzansi magic.

My Social Media Week GIF Reactions

This past week on Social was one for the books! Let me get straight into it.

1. When you want to start a relationship with a new blogger and he/she is not into your brand and makes it known via a few harsh tweets on Twitter.

done with finals animated GIF

2. My Boss to me during the Social Media crisis we handled recently.


3. When i correct a fan on Facebook.


4. Me when i see travel posts by travel brand pages


5. When someone accuses me of not responding to their post on time.


6. When people keep emailing and messaging me for requests while i am on vacation or during the weekend.


7. When i meet someone from Instagram and the Expectation and Reality is like

8. When i got notified that Twitter wanted to interview me.


9. When a snap video you get sent, freezes and your seconds run out.


10. When photos on Facebook now drive down organic reach and video pushes it up. Yes, video!!



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