13 signs that you need a holiday


No matter what your job is; be it lawyer, waiter, housewife, digital consultant or anything else – you need to take a holiday every once in a while. But if you’re working hard it can sometimes be hard to recognise when you’re starting to get frazzled. Take a look at our 13 signs that you need a holiday – if you’re exhibiting any of these symptoms, it’s time to book a break!

  • You’ve got more left-over holiday allowance than Twitter followers.
    There is a reason that companies give their employees a holiday allowance – it’s because you work best when you take a rest every once in a while.

  • You’ve started staring enviously at your friend’s peeling shoulders.
    If the faded memory of a tan has you feeling jealous – it could be time to book a flight to some place sunny.

  • You plan weekend picnics in the park, and refuse to cancel; whatever the weather.
    Yes, eating sandwiches on the grass would be a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning… If it wasn’t 12°C and raining.

  • You’re taking vitamin D tablets.

Sunshine; it makes you happy, and it keeps you healthy. If you’ve recognised that you’re not getting enough sunshine and you need to take supplements to make up for it – warning sign!

 You’ve started to use your summer t-shirts as pyjamas, just to get them out of the wardrobe.

  • If your summer wardrobe’s taken up a permanent residence in your bottom drawer it’s time to start thinking about booking a flight somewhere tropical.

  • Your boss has seen you working overtime, and instead of patting you on the back they told you to go home.
    A good work ethic is nothing to be ashamed of, but if even your colleagues are recognising that you are working too hard, you’re well overdue a break.

  • You’re contemplating going on holiday with your parents.

If you’re thinking about gate-crashing someone else’s trip away, you definitely need to book some time off.

You’ve started to un-friend everyone you know on social media who posts holiday snaps.

  • If the sight of people you like and love enjoying themselves on holiday in the sunshine makes you tut and roll your eyes, that jealousy is taking a negative turn.

  • You’ve started dreading Monday morning on Friday night.
    When the weekend has become nothing more than a bookmark in-between weeks of work, and you’ve started to get depressed about Monday morning on Friday night – you are probably over stressed.

  • Your dreams are filled with tropical beaches and sunny days.
    Freud said that many dreams were wish fulfilment. If you’ve started dreaming about digging your toes in the sand and listening to the waves lap the shore – your subconscious is telling you to start looking at flights.

  • Someone tapped you on the shoulder to offer you a seat on public transport and you nearly bit their finger off.
    If your first reaction to unexpected or surprising things is anger or aggression, you have too much on your plate. You are not too busy to take a holiday. You will be doing everyone (including yourself) a favour.

  • Your headaches are more regular than the bus service.
    Your eyes are strained, your head aches and your back hurts all the time. These are classic signs of tension and being overworked. Taking a break will help you regroup and refresh.

  • You are constantly tired, no matter how much sleep you get.
    It’s time to catch up on some sleep and let yourself relax! Book a trip somewhere exotic, you’ll come back feeling much more energised.

 Tick off more than five points on this list? Take it from me, it’s time to get away. So put your phone on silent, close down that email tab, and start doing some research for your next holiday. 


My Social Media Week In Gifs

Social Media is a fun place to be but this past week was an interesting one. Here is my week on social media as shown in GIFs.

1. When someone you know and have spoken to on more than three occasions, unfollows you on Instagram.

Unsubcribes make me sad

2. When i follow a hot somebody and they follow me back.

3. Now, we know that hashtags are great for categorizing your posts, finding and jumping into conversations and reaching new audiences.  But you guys really need to chill. Too much of anything is bad. Piling on the hashtags will either convolute the message you’re trying to get across or make it look like you’re desperately in need of followers.


4. The face you make after having a shitty day and then getting a customer complaint via the brands Twitter account late in the evening.

5. When i catch people talking about Social Media.

6. Basically the theme for 2016!

When she sets the agenda.

7. When i found out how much South African YouTubers are charging brands for collaborations.

8. When i think about how savage this tweet was..













#NewCreativeSpot Gold Khromo Earphones by Urban Enzo x Tobias Brothers


shot by Cailin Tobias #CTphotography

In my new series called #NewCreativeSpot, i feature creative collaborations that i find to be cool and definitely worth a shout out. I recently collaborated with creative duo, the Tobias Brothers for a new promo shoot for my Gold Khromo Earphones. This collaboration was an impromptu one but it worked out great!

The Tobias brothers, Rory and Cailin are based in Cape Town and are well known for their eclectic shoot style. Rory thrives in front of a camera and Cailin does his thing capturing it all. Cailin’s shoot style goes beyond men’s street fashion documentation and is more a delivery of the emotion and the story that he is trying to depict in his images.

Rory Tobias for Gold Khromo Earphones by Urban Enzo

Get Lost In The Music With Gold Khromo Earphones

From the selection of the shoot location, to focal points of the product and then feeding off Rory’s skill to model, this creative duo definitely have ‘The Juice’.

Gold Khromo Earphones By Urban Enzo

Designed using unique materials such as ceramic, mesh and metal elements.

Their work is starting to gain some serious momentum, and it’s very much well-deserved.

Rory Tobias for Gold Khromo Earphones by Urban Enzo

Follow @GoldKhromo Earphones on Twitter. Model: Rory Tobias

Rory models in such a way that’ll inspire you to take it up at least four notches in your own photos.

The recognition that the Tobias Brothers are getting is only the beginning of what’s definitely to come. Keep up with them on Instagram with the hashtag #CTPhotography and also on their pages @RoryTobias and @Mr_CTPhotography. You can also see their work at www.ctphotography01.tumblr.com
Oh and if you haven’t shopped for your pair of Gold Khromo Earphones yet, then check out my online store. Shop Gold Khromo. We deliver worldwide.

Listen in Style and follow us on Twitter at @GoldKhromo and on Instagram: Gold Khromo

Thank You 2015!

zac efron thanks thank you

As another year draws to a close and as i reflect on 2015, i can’t help to think what an insane year this has been. The year 2015 has been a challenging year for me. It was one where i sacrificed a lot to reach my goals, a year that i gave my all in every project or task brought before me. It was a year where i got out of my comfort zone and fulfilled my life long dream of launching my earphone line –Gold Khromo by Urban Enzo. It was also the year that i decided to work on my next big personal project, something I’ve always wanted to do. I will tell you all about  it when its done.

This year has been so busy that i didn’t get to travel as much as i would have liked. I was blessed enough to have surprised my parents with a trip to Cape Town in January 2015. I felt like they deserved a break, a chance to be spoiled without having to pay a cent. They have done so much for me throughout my life and for that i would be forever grateful. To my beautiful Mother, Gladys Dooms, you mean the world to me. There were times this year where i thought i would lose you, but because we serve a mighty God, he has kept you here with us. We have grown so much closer this year – you are everything to me. The respect and love i have for you is indescribable. Dad, i admire you, and i try to always be a great man like you. The love you have for mom, my siblings and i is out of this world. Thanks to my parents for being a part of my 2015. Thank God for allowing me the pleasure of spending another with you. Thanks to my siblings- Corlette, Alencia, Rudy and Samantha for being there. Love you all.

Every year for my birthday, i travel to an international destination to celebrate my birthday. For 2015, i spent my birthday in Paris and then Qatar in the United Arab Emirates. It was a liberating experience exploring Paris. I also did a trip to Barcelona in February.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Paris, France

Urban Enzo in Doha, qatar Sout African top male bloggers

Doha, Qatar

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

I had a memorable year,  so i would like to take this opportunity for a roll call of thanks..

First up it’s you, yes you, reading this. I hope that i have inspired, entertained and maybe even helped you in some way this year. Thanks for reading my blog and for following my story. Thanks for always coming back to read my posts, to watch my YouTube videos and for following @UrbanEnzo and @GoldKhromo on Twitter and Instagram. I appreciate you, you smart….. you’re loyal!

thanks thank you zach galifianakis the hangoverTo my media friends and fellow bloggers – thank you! Thanks for allowing me into your circle and for supporting me. Thanks for numerous collaborations and for attending events. Most of you have become friends as some of you are really awesome people offline and online. Keep doing what you are doing and always remain humble. Social Media is a fickle thing – it creates a mirage at times but keep it together. Lets keep on creating, lets keep growing, lets keep supporting each other in 2016.

A big shout out to my kick ass team. What an honour and privilege it has been to be a team member. I honestly have the greatest boss ever. Thanks Rella B. Thanks for pushing me and encouraging me to always give my best.  Thank you for the freedom to create – to let my ideas come to life. You rock!

The Ford South Africa Team

Thank you to my friends. You know who you are and for the new ones i made this year. Thanks for being there, supporting, having my back and showing love. To my best friend – Larnelle, homes lol, this year was a jump! We had fun, we have seen places and met new people. Thanks son.. 2016 is going to be insane for us. Way up to all of my friends!LA Galaxy happy soccer friends excited

Thank you to God for blessing me, keeping me alive and the ones close to me.

But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord,
whose confidence is in him.
They will be like a tree planted by the water
that sends out its roots by the stream.
It does not fear when heat comes;
its leaves are always green.
It has no worries in a year of drought
and never fails to bear fruit. Jeremiah 17: 7-8

Have a great 2016 and Thank you 2015! #WhatATimeToBeAlive

My 2015 Christmas Gift Wish list

Christmas is drawing near and i had a chance to think about what i would like as a gift. Here’s my Christmas wish list of things i think is pretty dope and are must haves before 2016.

A Citrus Scented Cologne

Nothing says summer quite like the uplifting freshness of citrus fruits. We naturally associate them not only with the warmer months, but with cleanliness too. Citrus keeps you alert – handy when it’s hot outside.

What to buy: Miller Harris Citron Citron, Tom Ford Neroli Portofino, Acqua di Parma Colonia, Eau de Lacoste L. 12. 12. Jaune, Balmain Monsieur or The Body Shop Satsuma.


The Adidas Nomad Runner Primekit

The Nomad Runner, packs performance into a street wear silhouette. It has a sock-like upper with colour-blocked panels that make it look like its straight from the 1980s hip-hop era. Major want!

adidas Nomad Runner Primeknit

Gold Khromo Earphones by Urban Enzo

This is a shameless plug to promote my own earphones but trust me, you need to have them.  It’s more than just a piece of audio equipment, earphones have now developed into a bona fide fashion accessory. Gold Khromo earphones offer superb sound quality and a premium durable design to match. Crafted with various materials such as mesh, metal and ceramic additions in a bullet style design, there’s also a touch of gold to give it a luxe finish. Shop for it on my site or at www.techgirl.co.za


An Afro Edition Watch – Era by Dj Zinhle

I love watches and even though buying them puts a dent in my pocket at times, i have realized that owning an eye-catching and sophisticated timepiece isn’t an unattainable feat. Era by Dj Zinhle offers a watch range that is to the times and affordable in price. Her new range called Afro Edition, brings together a Afrocentric feel and matches it to the urban street style that i know and love. Shop the new range on here. 


Model: Rory Tobias Watch: Era by Dj Zinhle Photography: Cailin Tobias from CTphotography

A Leather Billfold

A Billfold is a slim and sleek wallet which is practical and classy. I think i had my fare share of bulky wallets that just ruin how a pants sits on you. The Billfold wallet style should be so slim that when you put it inside your pocket, it does not alter the shape of your clothes. The specific one i want should be in brown or black.

Adolfo Dominguez Billfold Wallet With Coin Pocket

Happy shopping everyone.

Don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel and to subscribe. Check it out: here

Two Car Launches In A Space of 8 Days

Man, 2015 has definitely been a busy year for me. Besides doing Social Strategy and execution of it, i also worked on 10 vehicle launches and if you have read my posts on car launches you would know that a lot of time and effort goes into making a launch a success.

The pressure was on when we had to do two media launches  eight days apart from each other.  The first one was a world launch for the new Ford Ranger held in the picturesque Western Cape region of South Africa. I invited 24 media to the launch. Guests included lifestyle and travel bloggers, influencers, lifestyle publications and a Ranger launch Facebook competition winner.

The launch went really well as we put the Ranger through its paces on the Matroosberg Mountains. We ended off our full day of 4×4 activity by doing a beautiful game drive at the Aquila Game Reserve. We even witnessed a Rhino birth. It was a spectacular experience and one to remember as it was the first Rhino birth on the Game Reserve after 10 years.

On Social Media, the hashtag for the event was #NewRangerLaunch, which trended on Twitter in South Africa on two separate days. Over 512 tweets were generated.

Watch a recap of the New Ranger Launch below:

All-New Ford Figo Launch

The Ford Figo Launch was insane from start to finish and was one of my favourites events of 2015. The hosting city was Johannesburg and its outskirts. The launch had numerous fun factors to it, like the introduction of a game called “Find The Figo” which tasked media to figure out various clues throughout the launch day in order to find prizes hidden at the various locations.

Media also enjoyed fun activities like Zip-Lining, taking a ride on the Harties Cable Way and then enjoying a speed boat ride on the Hartebeest Poort dam. Each destination was a good 30km drive away from each other, giving media enough time to test drive the new Figo in both hatch and sedan. We ended off our drive by heading to the hotel to get ready for a fun night at the popular Madamme Zingara show. The launch trended on Twitter on two seperate days and the hashtag was #FordFigoLaunch

Check out the launch below on my YouTube channel:

Images and Videos by @OnAir_Ent

Rich Mnisi x Ford Kuga A Creative Collaboration

I recently teamed up with creative Rich Mnisi for a surreal, whimsical interpretation of his recent test drive of the Ford Kuga. The result? A 9 part photo upload for Instagram inspired by how driving the Ford Kuga made him feel.

What do you think?


You can follow Rich Mnisi on Twitter at @Rich_Mnisi

Rich Mnisi on Instagram here.


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