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You know that i am biggest Deezer fan right? I get 35 million tracks on the go to satisfy all my music needs and now you can too!

Deezer is a subscription music streaming service that allows you to listen to your favourite tracks on the go, wherever you are and on different devices! It also has a huge selection of South African music which is a major score for me. What’s also really cool, is that the app also allows you to sync your music to your device so that you can listen to your favourite playlists and tracks offline.

Vodacom recently teamed up with Deezer to make sure that you never miss a beat! They are giving you a 2 months FREE subscription to enjoy music like never before. Check out this link to get yours: here

I’ve also teamed up with Vodacom + Deezer and a few really cool radio folks such as Rob Forbes and Stephanie B from 5FM, Alex Caige from Highveld, DJ Kenzhero and the chick with the sickest Deezer playlists and updates, Tecla for #VCDeezer Amp, where we will be discussing the coolest tunes and playlists.

Gold Khromo Promo Shoot

Gold Khromo Earphones by Urban Enzo

I recently launched my own earphone product called Gold Khromo by Urban Enzo and it has been doing so well.  It has always been my dream to launch my own product and to go into the electronics business. If you know me well, you will know how obsessed i am with music. Music is my therapy and my favourite companion. As mentioned in my previous post on Gold Khromo, I’ve always been critical as to how i listen to music, so that is why i decided to create a product that will allow people to enjoy music the way i do and that will also make them look good while doing so. This was one of my biggest dreams and it’s finally here and i am so happy to be sharing it with you all.

I did a promo shoot with Tegan Smith from Tegan Smith Photography and model Mercedes Patience in the trendy area of Parkhurst in Johannesburg. I wanted the shoot to be natural and to be shot in street style format, so no studio and big lights. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

You can get your pair of Gold Khromo right here on the site at the Shop section.

Listen In Style!

Gold Khromo earphones by Urban Enzo

Gold Khromo earphones by Urban EnzoGold Khromo earphones by Urban Enzo

My Social Media Week GIFs

It has been a weird week. There’s just so much going on and to a point i felt seriously overwhelmed. Here’s a few Social Media feels i had this week as shown in GIFs.

1. Me, when i see someone have a hot comeback or defend the brand on our behalf

2. When i see blogger rate cards and i’m like….jokes or what?

3. Just before hitting send on a mail that goes out to hundreds of people.

Sending emails are scary

4. That great feeling of achieving amazing milestones. KPI’s for 2015 achieved in 6 months.  All brands verified, engagement levels knocked out the park and over over 700k fan growth. What now?


5. Me, waiting for you to deliver on what we agreed upon.

6. I don’t entertain conversations about my personal life. It’s not up for discussion, don’t get involved, mind your business.  #GAHDAMBIT sometimes my personal tweets are not up for discussion. Okay, let me chill. I just had to make that very clear!

frustrated animated GIF

7. When Facebook decided to add a new feature that tracks your response times. It even gives you a rating for how fast you respond to inbox messages.

kristen wiig animated GIF

8.  When i hear a conversation about social media that i am not included in.

My Social Media Week In GIFs

This week sure went by fast! Didn’t it? Anyway, we need to talk. I have noticed a few characteristics of people that made me question a lot of things. Things we lack like; genuineness, trust, loyalty and respect. For a second, this was bothering me but then i was like, “Nah fam, this is life and this is how people unfortunately are.”

Anyway, here is my week as shown in GIFs.

1. When someone you know and have spoken to on more than three occasions, unfollowed you on Instagram.

Unsubcribes make me sad

2. When i follow a hot somebody and they follow me back.

3. Now, we know that hashtags are great for categorizing your posts, finding and jumping into conversations and reaching new audiences.  But you guys really need to chill. Too much of anything is bad. Piling on the hashtags will either convolute the message you’re trying to get across or make it look like you’re desperately in need of followers.


4. The face you make after having a shitty day and then getting a customer complaint via the brands Twitter account late in the evening.

5. Me, this whole week.

6. But then i updated my hard drive and watched Empire. Cookie gave me life. Best show ever!

When she sets the agenda.

7. When this happened on Twitter

8. Me, when i discovered new music on my @Deezer app and enjoyed the super bass on my Gold Khromo earphones.

mtv animated GIF

My Social Media Week In Gifs

1. When i saw two brands using the words “Bae” and “Cav”. Trying to fit in and be down so bad and its not cool. Really not cool. Make it stop!

Every time a brand used the #neverforget hashtag:

2. Me, thanking people for rocking my #GoldKhromo earphones. Shop for yours here.

3. Me, judging bloggers/influencers for brand hopping.


4. Trying to explain your job to your friends and family is like rocket science.

26 Signs You Work In Social Media

You: I run social media for [insert brand]
Friend: But what does that mean?
You: I run the Facebook and Twitter pages for [insert brand]
Friend: So you basically tweet all day? I could do that.
You: *Resists the urge to punch friend in face*

5. That amazing feeling when you can think in 140 characters and less OR when you can summarize to fit the 140 character count and still make perfect sense.

6. When this is you at any given moment.

26 Signs You Work In Social Media

7. When someone is new in the game and acts like a know-it-all.

8. When you see someone you know on Tinder.

10. Leaving the office on Friday like…

Gold Khromo by Urban Enzo

I’ve always wanted to be in the electronics business, I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur and now i finally am. I took my love for music and created a product from scratch that truly identifies with my personality and my love for music. My own earphone range called Gold Khromo has been an idea of mine and a personal project which i worked into existence for 2 years. I have always been critical as to how i want my music to sound, from the clarity to the bass and the design. After being fed-up with not getting the great sound that i want, i created my own product. Gold Khromo offers superb sound quality at every frequency and a premium design to match. The style is sleek and stylish with luxe finishes of gold and metal on each side. Gold Khromo is the first offering in the Khromo product range.

Listen to how i listen to music. Shop for Gold Khromo by Urban Enzo here: Shop Gold Khromo www.shopgoldkhromo.ecwid.com

Gold Khromo by Urban Enzo Gold Khromo by Urban Enzo Gold Khromo earphones by Urban Enzo

My Birthday In Paris 

Every year for my birthday, i bless myself with a week long vacation somewhere in the world. This year i chose Paris, France as my location. It was everything i thought it would be and more.

I visited all the tourist attractions and spent my birthday shopping at the Châtelet avenue, where i walked the streets to explore and take in the Paris lifestyle. I even checked out the Champaris store – a  street wear brand that is popular on Instagram.

Check it out:

The Ford B-Max Facebook Reveal #SocialMedia

Social Media for me is all about trying new things and standing out from the rest.

The marketing team and i at Ford were tasked to come up with a creative way to reveal a new product to the market. I then had the great yet bold idea to do a launch on Facebook.

Concept: A Facebook reveal with a strong call to action to boost engagement and create excitement.

Idea: Ask for 20, 000 likes on a Facebook post to reveal all.

Concern: Facebook’s algorithm: The decline of organic reach of posts on the News Feed.

The post was:

“News Just In! There is a new Ford coming to SA. 20 000 likes on this post and we will reveal all!”

Ford South Africa B-Max Facebook Social Media Reveal by Ensly Dooms Urban Enzo

After 5 days of me being anxious, watching this post like a hawk and working on different ways to increase reach, i finally got what i wanted. Over 20 000 likes!!

These were the results.

Ford South Africa Social Media Facebook reval for B-mAX by Ensly Dooms Urban Enzo bmaxx

and this was the big reveal.. The Ford B-Max will be coming to SA.

Ford B-Max Concept

This was definitely one for the books. Here’s to taking more risks and having fun on social!


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