Rich Mnisi x Ford Kuga A Creative Collaboration

I recently teamed up with creative Rich Mnisi for a surreal, whimsical interpretation of his recent test drive of the Ford Kuga. The result? A 9 part photo upload for Instagram inspired by how driving the Ford Kuga made him feel.

What do you think?


You can follow Rich Mnisi on Twitter at @Rich_Mnisi

Rich Mnisi on Instagram here.

The All-New Ford Everest Launch

The All-New Ford Everest finally made its way to SA in grand style with a four day launch in the picturesque Cape Town, South Africa.

The Everest comes in two derivatives, a 3.2 TDCI XLT and  a 3.2 Everest Limited which is the topped spec model. I won’t go into much detail about this amazing SUV, you can read about the All-New Everest on

Here is a look at the official media launch:

Miss SA 2015, Liesl Laurie and Kamini Pather

Miss SA 2015, Liesl Laurie and Kamini Pather

Jay Antsey and Top Billings, Jonathan Boyton-Lee

Jay Antsey and Top Billings, Jonathan Boyton-Lee

Uno De Waal from Between 10 and 5

Uno De Waal from Between 10 and 5

Aisha Baker from Baked The Blog

Aisha Baker from Baked The Blog

Ford Everest Launch-138

The Ford Everest Shot By Mike Eloff

Ford Everest Launch-144

The 4×4 Route

Ford Everest Launch-146

The beautiful scenery in Cape Town

What a successful launch. #SideSelfieSeries Location: Franschhoek, South Africa Shot by: Mike Eloff @TheLawry

What a successful launch. #SideSelfieSeries Location: Franschhoek, South Africa
Shot by: Mike Eloff @TheLawry

My Social Media Week In GIFs

Are you joking? That was my reaction to almost everything this past week. Man, what a week it has been on social media. Here’s my highlights.

  1. When others don’t realize who you are…

When the first thing you do for a new client is get him a piece of coverage in the major tier A media he always wanted to be in (reader submission)

2. When people ask how i am…. two launch events in a space of 5 days, hundreds of comments to go through and a bunch of other stuff to do.

3. Reality of a Social Media Managers/CM Day


4. When you beat the competitor. Nuff said!

5. When client wants to capitalize on a major news story for an engagement opportunity.

When your manager gives you unexpected props during an all-company meeting and you try to play it cool

6. When a wall post escalates at night.


7. When i received a mail from someone new and the message is typed in the subject line.


8. When you invite someone to an event and they miss their flight or don’t pitch up..

When you know which coworker gave you a bad review “anonymously” and can’t hide your anger

9. Live Tweeting from an event.

Live-tweeting from an event 

10. When we both find out that you don’t follow me on Snapchat. Add me at ‘CallMeUrban’

When an agency new business team pitches you about how their agency is “different”

Stream Drake x Future Mixtape What A Time To Be Alive

After about a week of rumors and hints, Drake and Future just dropped their highly anticipated joint mixtape What A Time To Be Alive. The tracklist has been shared by Drake on his Instagram.


A photo posted by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on

You can listen to it here via Apple Music or stream it.

Disclosure and Sam Smith’s Cover Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ & It’s Lit

Sam smith cover drake

Man, i really enjoy listening to covers and this insane cover by Disclosure and Sam Smith of Drake’s Hotline Bling is lit beyond words.

It had me questioning my life and nearly had me texting my ex. Thank you BBC’s Live Lounge!

*Listened with Gold Khromo Earphones. Follow @GoldKhromo on Twitter for the latest music updates!

#FiestaOOTD ft Baked The Blog

This year i focused heavily on collaborations and getting Instagram right for the brand that i work for. My strategy this year was to work with various blogger, photographers and influencers to help me get amazing visuals and growth for Instagram and that is exactly what i got after doing numerous curated photo series campaigns and takeovers. ©

One i did recently was for the Ford Fiesta – i featured five of South Africa’s most loved Fashion Bloggers for a OOTD Instagram campaign featuring the new Ford Fiesta PowerShift. Each blogger was tasked to feature the Fiesta as an accessory in their #OOTD posts. The campaign was called #FiestaOOTD.

One of the bloggers was Aisha Baker from and these were her posts for the campaign. *photos by Tegan SmithBaked The Blog x Urban Enzo

bakedtheblog x Urban Enzo

bakedtheblog x Urban Enzo

bakedtheblog x Urban Enzo

bakedtheblog x Urban Enzo

Baked The Blog x Urban Enzo

To see more of my work, you can check out Ford South Africa on Instagram. You can also keep up with me on Twitter @UrbanEnzo


10 Things I’ve Learned Living On My Own

Living on my own for the past three years has taught me a lot.

1. How to appreciate a home cooked meal, prepared by someone. I miss my mom’s cooking and coming home to a tasty plate of food.

eat animated GIF

2. Understanding now why my mother used to complain and shout about wasting water and putting on lights that don’t need to be on. Bills!!

3. What a drag cleaning can be and how important it is.

4. Why being loud is unnecessary.

mom animated GIF

5. How expensive groceries are.

6. Not to waste milk and Colgate toothpaste.

7. Why a full DSTV bouquet is not the best option because of how expensive it is.

8. What a mission cooking is and how much effort goes into it. Also, i have no clue what to do when it comes to cooking.

9. How great it feels to be in my own space and knowing that it is mine and that other people should respect it and not break or get rid of my stuff.

10. Living on my own has taught me how to budget and to understand that everything my mom has said or shouted me about when i was living with them was for a valid reason…

Moving out of my family home was a big step and it was something that i needed to do. I don’t regret it one bit. Breaking out of my comfort zone was the only way i could grow in all spheres of life. I sometimes miss living back home but i don’t think I could.  I like my space and growth as a man.

Till we blog again!



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