#FiestaOOTD Instagram Collaboration

I recently did this really cool collaboration on Instagram, where i teamed up with South Africa’s most loved Fashion Bloggers for a OOTD Instagram campaign.

Ford South Africa just updated the Ford Fiesta range to include a new PowerShift (Automatic)  derivative to the line-up and we wanted a unique push to create hype around this new addition. The Fiesta is a fashionable vehicle and is super sexy to look at and also comes with a host of smart features. I used to drive one actually and loved every moment in my 1.0L EcoBoost Titanium in Race Red.

I have been big on collaborations and working with creatives this year to build Ford South Africa’s Instagram account. I came up with the concept called #FiestaOOTD, i teamed  up with my Fashion Blogger friends for a 3 week OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) campaign where the Fiesta is used as a fashion accessory and gets featured in the beautiful Instagram  shots that these bloggers are known for producing.

Each blogger had to upload 5 photo’s each to Instagram using the hashtag and were also asked to blog about their experience driving the PowerShift 1.0L EcoBoost Ford Fiesta.

RESULTS: 9.600+ likes on Instagram for the images uploaded  and a growth of 3.600+ followers on the Ford South Africa IG account.

I will be profiling each of the Fashion Bloggers so keep a look out for my posts.

First up is Mary Lu from www.lovemarylu.com. Mary received a Candy Blue Ford Fiesta and here’s her submission on Instagram for #FiestaOOTD


Twitter Laughs For The Week

Guys, i laughed hard this week hey. It’s been a great week on Social Media with all the jabs and banter.

1. Rapper Meek Mill went off on Twitter after being snubbed for a few award nominations. He threw a jab at Drake saying that Drake does not write his own raps. Twitter went on a frenzy and the @’s were hilarious.

and then Twitter was like…

2. I don’t know if you seen the recent banter between Nandos SA, Spur and Woolworths. Great job SMCM… I like you guys a lot.

I love these kinds of stuff. If you see any more, let me know okay.



Competition: #VCDeezer and 1 year Subscription To Deezer

Deezer-logo urban enzo

Have you been listening to my weekly #VCDeezer playlists with fellow music lovers; Stephanie B, Rob Forbes, Tecla, Alex Caige and Dj Kenzhero? No? Where have you been!

Luckily for you, i have you covered and here is what you’ve missed!

Week 1, we chatted about our favourite Roadtrip songs.

Week 2 was all about the Ultimate Hip Hop joints. We pulled out hits like Jay Z – Empire State Of Mind, 2 Pac and even Biggie!

Week 3, the #VCDeezer team and i chatted about SA Artists to Watch. It sparked some heavy debate. Have a listen on your Deezer app and let me know if we have missed anyone you think should have been featured.


I have one more playlist coming up that you need to listen to, but before you can do that i am giving you the chance to WIN a years FREE subscription to the coolest music streaming service of 2015- Deezer by Vodacom.

All you have to do is answer this easy question.

dancing animated GIF

How many months free subscription is Vodacom giving you to access Deezer?

Comment your answer to enter! The winner will be announced via Twitter on 21 July so don’t forget to add your handle.

Good Luck!


The #NewFocusST Launch in Durban

Car launches are always fun and i was extremely excited about this one. The new Ford Focus ST has arrived in South Africa and we were tasked to welcome it in grand style! Seeing that the ST is in Ford’s Performance stable, we decided to launch it in Durban and Port Shepstone at Dezzi Raceway, a cool racetrack that has insane twists and apexes.

The launch was small in terms of number of media that i invited. I invited 16 new media which included, bloggers, photographers and influencers. I haven’t done a small group like this before for a launch, so i was strategic with who i invite. This was difficult as i have so many relationships that i have created over the years, and i can’t invite everyone to everything. Side note: I wish people working in the media space can understand this and not send me harsh mails. My task is to create new relationships with media, getting to know people and introducing them to the brand and to who i am.

The day started reasonably early with media flying in from Johannesburg and Cape Town to Durban. After my usual welcome and introduction, everyone teamed up and chose a ST from the selection available and took off to Port Shepstone which was about 2 hours away from Durban. We then put the ST’s on the track and improved our #STcred.

The hastag for the launch was #NewFocusST and it generated about 619 tweets on the day of the launch. It was a great day out and a successful launch!

Ensly Dooms Ford Focus ST Launch


#NewFocusST Launch in SA#NewFocusST Launch in SA

YFM's Khutso Theledi at the  #NewFocusST Launch

YFM’s Khutso Theledi at the #NewFocusST Launch

Dineo Ranaka at the #NewFocusST launch.

Dineo Ranaka at the #NewFocusST launch.

Darren and Ryan Rigney Twins On Decks at the #NewFocusST Launch

Darren and Ryan Rigney Twins On Decks at the #NewFocusST Launch

Tegan Smith at the #NewFocusST Launch

Tegan Smith at the #NewFocusST Launch

Nathan Mayor at the #NewFocusST Launch

Nathan Mayor at the #NewFocusST Launch

Siya from The Threaded Man and Ben Karpinski

Siya from The Threaded Man and Ben Karpinski

Big ups to the photographer, Leander Joseph from @OnAirEnt, these photos are insane!!

The 2015 Ford Focus STThe 2015 Ford Focus STThe 2015 Ford Focus ST

My Social Media Week in GIFs

You won’t believe the amount of crazy my week was. The amount of situations that i found myself in has brought on so many reactions. I was insulted and offended on so many levels. People aren’t shy of doing that behind a screen. Ha, but thanks for the inspiration for my posts though!

1. Me, after having my name dragged by someone heavily within their feelings with a sever case of FOMO.

2. When i found out that Facebook is opening a regional Africa office in Johannesburg.

3. The powers above know how much i hate having my first name misspelled. It’s Ensly not Ensley. Where does the extra ‘E’ come from. Explain for 5 marks. I would love to know.

chair throw animated GIF

4. When i accidentally forgot to add a hashtag to a campaign tweet and it gets retweeted 26 times….  in like 1 min.


5. When someone talks to me while i am trying to tweet.


6. When my Facebook brand page does not fully load.


7. When you check Facebook and see the people you know from High School are getting married, having laaties or getting engaged.

8. When a customer complains on other people’s Facebook wall posts.


9. When briefs are not being adhered too OR when you hear people doing the most and not having facts to back up what they are saying.

10. When i get accused of blocking someone from a brand account on Twitter.


Vodacom Deezer


You know that i am biggest Deezer fan right? I get 35 million tracks on the go to satisfy all my music needs and now you can too!

Deezer is a subscription music streaming service that allows you to listen to your favourite tracks on the go, wherever you are and on different devices! It also has a huge selection of South African music which is a major score for me. What’s also really cool, is that the app also allows you to sync your music to your device so that you can listen to your favourite playlists and tracks offline.

Vodacom recently teamed up with Deezer to make sure that you never miss a beat! They are giving you a 2 months FREE subscription to enjoy music like never before. Check out this link to get yours: here

I’ve also teamed up with Vodacom + Deezer and a few really cool radio folks such as Rob Forbes and Stephanie B from 5FM, Alex Caige from Highveld, DJ Kenzhero and the chick with the sickest Deezer playlists and updates, Tecla for #VCDeezer Amp, where we will be discussing the coolest tunes and playlists.

Gold Khromo Promo Shoot

Gold Khromo Earphones by Urban Enzo

I recently launched my own earphone product called Gold Khromo by Urban Enzo and it has been doing so well.  It has always been my dream to launch my own product and to go into the electronics business. If you know me well, you will know how obsessed i am with music. Music is my therapy and my favourite companion. As mentioned in my previous post on Gold Khromo, I’ve always been critical as to how i listen to music, so that is why i decided to create a product that will allow people to enjoy music the way i do and that will also make them look good while doing so. This was one of my biggest dreams and it’s finally here and i am so happy to be sharing it with you all.

I did a promo shoot with Tegan Smith from Tegan Smith Photography and model Mercedes Patience in the trendy area of Parkhurst in Johannesburg. I wanted the shoot to be natural and to be shot in street style format, so no studio and big lights. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

You can get your pair of Gold Khromo right here on the site at the Shop section.

Listen In Style!

Gold Khromo earphones by Urban Enzo

Gold Khromo earphones by Urban EnzoGold Khromo earphones by Urban Enzo

My Social Media Week GIFs

It has been a weird week. There’s just so much going on and to a point i felt seriously overwhelmed. Here’s a few Social Media feels i had this week as shown in GIFs.

1. Me, when i see someone have a hot comeback or defend the brand on our behalf

2. When i see blogger rate cards and i’m like….jokes or what?

3. Just before hitting send on a mail that goes out to hundreds of people.

Sending emails are scary

4. That great feeling of achieving amazing milestones. KPI’s for 2015 achieved in 6 months.  All brands verified, engagement levels knocked out the park and over over 700k fan growth. What now?


5. Me, waiting for you to deliver on what we agreed upon.

6. I don’t entertain conversations about my personal life. It’s not up for discussion, don’t get involved, mind your business.  #GAHDAMBIT sometimes my personal tweets are not up for discussion. Okay, let me chill. I just had to make that very clear!

frustrated animated GIF

7. When Facebook decided to add a new feature that tracks your response times. It even gives you a rating for how fast you respond to inbox messages.

kristen wiig animated GIF

8.  When i hear a conversation about social media that i am not included in.


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