5 Things That I Find Annoying

1. Tagging me in a photo. I hate being tagged in promotional photos. Stop!!

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2. People who think they are better than others.

18 Struggles Every Single Friend Will Understand

3. When i am busy with something and then being disturbed with long chats.

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4. Spam. You sending me numerous messages of the same topic is spam. You flooding my Instagram Timeline with your car signing videos is spam. Your numerous selfies from every angle or numerous #TBT pictures on the same day is spam. One per Thursday is enough thanks.

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5. People that alwayssss just talk about themselves.

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What annoys you?

Yasss, Verified on Twitter!!!

Working in Social Media is fun. Demanding at times and always full of surprises.

Its filled with tons of small victories that require hard work and dedication to achieve. For example, increasing your brands awareness and favorability, getting high engagement with good content or just a simple like or follow.

But then there’s big victories like getting your brand verified on Twitter.

I manage two other Twitter accounts and after numerous emails and calls to Twitter, i have finally managed to get those accounts the sort after blue tick!

OMG! This was my reaction!

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Urban Enzo + Tegan Smith Photography

I have recently teamed up with Cape Town based Fashion photographer, Tegan Smith for a photo shoot for the Remake Challenge, a fashion and object sustainable design competition held in Cape Town. Tegan is known for her amazing work and partnerships with the best fashion bloggers, SA has to offer. Most of her work has been with Cape Town Fashion Blogger, Aisha Baker from Baked The Blog.

I needed a photographer to capture the Remake Challenge winners and their designs and i immediately thought of working with her. I worked with her on a fashion event before and knew that she would be perfect for this job and perfect she was. She chose The Range in Tokai in Cape Town for the shoot, a beautiful outdoor venue that has tons of large trees and mountain backdrops. The shoot went off smoothly as she is such a pro at what she does.

Here are a few shots that made the cut:

Remake Challenge + Tegan Smith and Urban Enzo shoot Remake Challenge+ Tegan Smith photography and Urban Enzo

As you can see, the pictures are amazing. Seeing that the venue was a first for me, i asked Tegan to capture my #SideSelfieSeries.

#SideSelfieSeries Location: The Range in Tokai, Cape Town, South Africa Shot by: Tegan Smith Photography

Location: The Range in Tokai, Cape Town, South Africa
Shot by: Tegan Smith Photography

Keep up with Tegan Smith Photography here on Twitter: @TegzPhotography

My Social Media Week In GIFs

What??? When i saw tweets from People Magazine Twitter.

People Magazine SA  @People_SA    Twitter


When you contact folks for an AWESOME opportunity and they take forever to come back to you.


Getting a notification of a complaint late at night or really early in the morning.


When Facebook friends tag me in photos and Facebook wants me to tell them to remove the tag. Why can’t i just remove the tag in peace?

Ensly Dooms

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This is me sometimes…..

Video: Black Coffee’s Human Orchestra

Famous Scotch Whisky brand, Ballantine’s teamed up with house music legend and Producer, Black Coffee for an inspiring short film titled: ‘Black Coffee’s Human Orchestra’. Using Ballantine’s global mantra, ‘Stay True’. This film series sees influences from around the globe as they bring their own story to life, performing innovative, creative and artistic experiments centered around their passions, philosophies and talent.

The latest film, shot in and around Johannesburg (Soweto and Maboneng), illustrates Back Coffee’s passion, creativity and ‘Stay True’ spirit of continuous experimentation with music. The film opens with Black Coffee’s own back-story and beliefs around life, music and creation, before we see him assemble a group of vocalists from across Africa. The climax of the film is an experiment which defines Black Coffee’s ambition as an artist; an impressive feat to deconstruct one of his most famous electronic music productions, ‘Rock My World’, recreating it using only the vocal abilities ofhis 40 strong choir.

Watch this clip to see how amazing it is:

Timeless Elegance


Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy – but mysterious. But above all black says this: “I don’t bother you – don’t bother me.  ― Yohji Yamamoto

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#FordFusion High Tea Event At Tintswalo Atlantic In Hout Bay

I have recently just hosted another Ford event and this one was completely a first for me. It was an intimate high tea to kick start pre-launch for the Ford Fusion that Ford South Africa will be launching soon. I haven’t done a fashion event in ages so i was nervous about this one. I decided that Cape Town would be an ideal location as i needed to create new relationships with media and fashion bloggers in that part of South Africa.

We flew in Ford Group Chief Designer from the USA, Susan Lampinen to the event. She oversees all colour and design aspects of Ford vehicles and she played a huge role in the creation of The Ford Fusion and 2015 Ford Mustang. I also invited local Fashion Designer, Suzaan Heyns to be a guest speaker to share her journey in fashion and the fusion of material in Fashion design.

The venue was a 6 star hotel in Hout Bay called the Tinstawalo Atlantic. It is hands down the most beautiful venue i have ever seen. The weather was great and the daily drives to the venue was breathtaking as i drove on the coast from Camps Bay to HoutBay.

Twenty-Three guests arrived and i planed on Twenty Five, so major score for me!  The event kicked off with background music by new acoustic group called, Acoustic Element . They play Violin and Guitar and play all urban hits. We then went straight into the talks from our guest speakers. Guests enjoyed massages and treats while we networked and took photographs.

The #FordFussion high tea was amazing from start to finish. Have a look:

IMG_3410 IMG_3420 IMG_3602 IMG_3828 IMG_3789 IMG_3867 IMG_3900

Mad At Our Youth And Sad For The Elderly

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We all have those days, where it starts off great and ends in this major anticlimax. I had one of those this past weekend, where the day started great but as life shows us who is in control with unfortunate events we are just left to wonder why, we are left to pick up the pieces. I was at a police station on Saturday night, arrived there at about 6pm after i heard that my big brother got arrested for a DUI. Alcohol limit in South Africa is at 0.05% and he was a little over due to having drinks at a friends birthday lunch that day.

Concerned and frustrated that this has happened, my parents and my 3 other siblings rushed to the police station. They locked him up and informed us that he is having a asthma attack. I think it was probably a panic attack but nonetheless i feared for him. The look on my parents faces was something i wish to never put them through or see again; they looked sad, stressed and full of fear. I felt angry that he put them in that situation.

No one wants to put their parents through such trauma and distress? No, i was wrong. While standing and waiting for almost 8 hours at the police station, i saw numerous elderly mothers and fathers distraught and scared for their sons. Sons who are on drugs or have been caught up with violence, men who have robbed or killed. Men who have robbed their families of joy and peace, all because of their actions which they could have controlled.

I still can’t get over the teary eyed mothers, clenching their fists between their legs or seeing fathers lower their heads in shame and worry. What did these elderly folks do to deserve this pain and stress in their lives, especially at this stage. They should have been home, in bed and not there on those cold benches, waiting to be attend to at 1pm.

Then i got angry. Angry at the world, angry at my brother for making this ridiculous choice and angry at our youth for their decisions.

I think the South African Police system is so unnecessary and in need of serious adjustments. They need to be more helpful and they need to lose their attitudes. I also think that young men should reevaluate their lives often. Drugs is not an option to explore, violence is not the only answer and that hurting the innocent who are undeserving of being hurt should come to a stop.

Prison is not a pleasant place and it’s not just hurtful to you who goes but hurtful to the people around you that care about you. It affects us all.


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